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feb 4 (1)Hi there, I am Shirley Bongbong, an Industrial Engineer and a former banker turned into a Virtual Assistant, SEO Article Writer, Audio Transcriptionist, and an MBA PDH Dissertation Writer in 2006. The idea of working online was new to me and my family. My family did not believe at that time I could virtually make a business out of the only thing I held onto and believed could help me survive the economics of life – my talent in writing. This is free, unique to myself, and most of all, no monetary investment involved. In 2007, I was operated with lymphangioma at the neck. The pain in my lower back, 2 nodes slipped discs, also intensified at that time making it difficult for me to travel even at a short distance to work. I decided to retire from my day job and started looking for clients online that would pay me to write for them. I could remember sending out applications to as many as 50 websites in a week, and fortunately, 2 companies accepted me. Honestly, I would be grateful to even have 1 client at that time. With much help from the prayers of my mother and of course of my never ending all day saying hello and sending pokes to God, I was able to find more clients with my online Virtual Assistant and writing business.


slipped discIn 2012, I was sick for almost a year, maybe 11 months. My 2 nodes slipped discs became 4 nodes and 2 of them were 50% pinching my nerve. I can hardly walk and the physical therapy and medicines ate up my resources. It was at that time that I cried help to some people but as we all have experienced during tough times, no one offered help when you needed it the most. So, even if my back hurts to even sit for a few seconds, I continued to work and managed to support myself through that tough time ALONE. I had been blogging since 2005 and my articles could be found anywhere on the internet if they were not archived yet by the search engines. My reality is now clear. I have to continue improving my websites so they can earn for me when I get worse. That was the main reason I built this site. All the notes here came from valuable resources. After a thorough review and much analysis, I followed what I wrote and continued to evolve with the times. I started sharing my notes in several social media sites and to my amazement, the traffic increased. This made me decide to develop the content and help people start a blog advertising business in the most affordable way – using their skills in writing.


Seo-ServicesIn 2007, I applied for Google Adsense and got accepted. This helped a bit of my monthly earnings. Still, my interest to improve my skills and income keeps on pushing me to do more. Before I retired from the bank in 2007, I was already writing thesis/ dissertation papers and one American doctor called me for an interview and then decided to wait until I finally retire from the bank so I can work as his virtual assistant for his online project. Isn’t that nice? I can still imagine myself writing at dawn, working at the bank for my day job, looking after the kids when I got home, and then selling stuffs and also, working online at night since November 2006. Nope, I am not a machine, but they were all done. In 2013, I got accepted as a Google Engage Partner. However, as I was working on getting a certificate and studying PPC in between my work, Google Engage changed to Google Partner. The requirements changed and so was my situation. I decided to study on my own and do simple experiments about different PPC and SEO techniques in between work to upgrade my skills. That is the only thing I need to move beyond what an ordinary no tech woman like me can do, for a day… work, research, test, drive, and earn! If you ask me what motivated me to do more, it is only SURVIVAL! Funny, it changed my life to a better entrepreneur. Now, my goal is to create more relevant content and help YOU achieve YOUR GOALS. Start walking with me and you will see what small steps can do with your life!


In 2012 until 2015, I was the Admin & Customer Relationship Manager of a Performance Marketing Company. I registered the company in Delaware, USA. Yes, I can do that for you including the opening of an LLC bank account for a fee. Trust me, I have the resources. With the company, I do the admin works, such as emails, customer service, human resources functions including recruitment, initiate systems and procedures, organize the files, make follow ups with the partners and the staffs, do bookkeeping, call clients and contacts in the US, do research, do product research, do video marketing (still beta stage), do article writing, and many things to coordinate and make the operations of the company flow smoothly. Remember, we are located on different countries. Understanding and speaking English could be a challenge for some of the team. However, I love my team and they are great!


I could still remember how I started as an audio transcriptionist is 2006. I accepted a job for US$10 an hour of audio file and I was really having difficulty understanding the MP3 that I decided to go online with Yahoo (Yahoo got a chat feature by that time). I chatted and really had a voice call with my contacts to improve my understanding about the way they speak particularly with the intonation and diction. I was successful. I completed several MP3 files. At present for audio transcription, you can hire me for US$20 per hour of audio file. No one knows what tomorrow brings – I just stay loyal to clients who care for me. Early quarter of 2014, the performance marketing company changed its vision, closed the LLC, and as far as I know, I am the only Virtual Assistant it maintained.


My boss is a very nice, young man who thinks of everything including the welfare of his staff. He has been providing well in terms of salary and benefits such as my housing benefits. He is very intelligent, patient, and kind. How we met? He emailed me to write 3 articles for him way back 2007 or 2008, and I referred him to my work partner in writing at that time because I had a dissertation to complete. My writing partner did not do his work well because he clearly stated he was not satisfied. I asked for a copy of what was sent by my writing partner and really, he was right. What I did was to offer 3 more articles for free after I completed the dissertation project and he came back after that and sent me more work, until he hired me full time.


Being kind and trying to help my clients and even just potential clients achieve what they need done, have given me their trust and loyalty. I can remember helping one client to get the staff he needed for free and never accepted any payment. When he knows I was in need at one time, he sent the amount that my other client forgot to pay. He even asked his wife to send me work related to writing. God is good. Kindness works in different amazing ways! Another client whom I helped with the website and SEO before, never forgot me, although he had changed his business into a resort years ago and settled in that country, he still sends me referrals every now and then. I realized that as long as you do your work and be perfectly honest, transparent, and real, they will always be there when you need them. My boss partner is also nice. He understands my situation and try to make the project work online although he is very busy now trying to move to another country for good. As I write this, I am mesmerized by the way things had worked for me doing business online.


How I really survived alone was an act of grace from God. I could still remember the times whenever a project ended and I need to find work fast. It was scary that sometimes you have none. I would cry at night, pray, and asked for God’s help, with the intercession of Mother Mary. In the morning, when I woke up, an email would be waiting for me to read. Guess what it was? It was a work offer! You might think life is a bed of roses, but for some people like me, it is not. To survive you need God. Without God, you will find it more difficult to get through the day. Raised as a good Catholic, I owe my acts of faith to my mom and dad.



It is time to make a change and walk on your shoes because only you and no other person could walk better on your shoes.


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Never worry for expressions without the words. I can write for you as you require.


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Who is Shirley Bongbong?

Shirley Bongbong is a graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering in one of the finest universities in Cebu. She has been working as a PhD Dissertation and College Essay Writer since 2006. Along with this service, she was also a dedicated virtual assistant working on the admin and customer support of clients from the US, UK, Australia, Iran, and other countries. Shirley Bongbong can save you time and money and also, help you balance your lifestyle by taking care of your business and assigned personal tasks online.


Stop your search and hire this very committed, smart virtual assistant Philippines who is used to think out of the box and help you find solutions to your online marketing and business needs. Make your life easier and let your work flow with your preferred lifestyle. Outsourcing is a matter of having the right match and vibes with your VA. Personality, skills, endurance, commitment, patience, leadership qualities, analytical mind, name it, she has it!


Shirley Bongbong has excellent English phone and email communication skills that is best for email management and inbound customer service for online website chat and phone services. She is very efficient in acting as an online support and providing the appropriate resources to find solutions. Her 18 years banking experience and 5 years of study in the university as an Industrial Engineer made her very familiar with the business processes, systems, and work flows. Her genuine concern of your business can give you the most virtual assistant Philippines service you would love to hire for a lifetime! Please visit her blog at


She has the following online personal assistant qualities and skills-has good command of the English language

  • resourceful and internet savvy
  • highly organized with good analytical, management, and leadership skills
  • high regard to confidentiality and high attention to detail
  • can tackle routine to complex duties
  • love what she does



Social Media Microblogging is one of the best hobbies that Shirley Bongbong loves to do. What you gain from her hobby

  • If you are a client, she will microblog about your business
  • Helps you shape brand authority, value, and trust
  • Amplify your efforts through link building, sharing, likes etc.
  • Building your tribe and a captive, loyal following you can nurture.

Conversion is not the thing here – it is the amplification of your brand through free word of mouth advertising. Rather a simplistic approach to increase your social signals for SEO benefits.


ME and My Trending Age and Face ha ha

My motto: Getting things done!

My attitude and personality: Simple, straightforward, honest, real, and transparent (you can see it in my face don’t you?)


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