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Make Money Blogging As A Google Adsense Publisher


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make money blogging with google adsenseGoogle Adsense is one of the best ways to make money blogging. You need at least to be 18 years old and own a verified Google account to be able to apply to Google Adsense. The Google account means you have at least one verifiable Gmail email address.


Having a Gmail address can give you unlimited access to all Google products. You need a website or a YouTube channel to embed your Adsense code. Having a website or a blog does not necessarily mean getting a paid hosting with a paid domain name.


The website could be a free hosting, a self-hosted WordPress blog/site, or have a paid domain on a free hosting. You can apply right from and get approved instantly if your website content is in compliance with the program’s policies. Google Adsense also requires a physical postal address or a mailing address, such as your residence address, business address, or office address.

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With the Google Adsense, you can maximize the ROI potential of your website, optimize the revenue of your unsold inventory, and you have the potential to gain access of the ads of the largest advertisers that distribute the most relevant and highest paying ads. The Google Adsense network of advertisers can help you generate the highest possible earnings of your blog or website.


Creating a Google email account

You need to create a Google email account or Gmail to be eligible to participate the Adsense program. You may sign up using this email account. Remember that your Gmail account is also your Google account. You will be using the same login details on all of the Google products, such as the YouTube, Google Business Page, or the Google Plus.


There are a number of features that would make your experience enjoyable and your Google account more useful, such as the free use of the Google Drive, Google Voice, and the Google SMS. Gmail is a free web based email service that gives you sufficient storage for your email and other items, such as the photos and the document attachments. Gmail also gives a free IMAP access where you can access your account in multiple devices at the same time, such as desktop, laptop, or even mobile phones.


If you need to access your email offline, Google has provided the Google Gears to help you complete your tasks offline. It automatically syncs data the moment it detects a Wi-Fi or gets an internet access. This is a great way to make use of your time with or without an internet connection.



Owning a website for at least 6 months

Most eager bloggers make a mistake applying with Google Adsense when their site is still new. Google requires that you own your site and get your site live for at least 6 months before you can apply as a publisher. This policy ensures the quality of the advertising network as well as protects the interest of the advertisers.


Adsense works seamlessly with the Blogger and the YouTube platforms. It also allows you to create partner accounts, such as the Hubpages. If you think your blog is eligible for monetization via Adsense, sign up using a one-time application form.


Sometimes, your site is declined. One of the reasons that your site won’t get accepted by Adsense is that it filters negative, non-family safe or potentially offensive content. If the system detects any other reason an advertiser might not want to put their ads on your website, the system classifies the content of your site as sensitive.


Mode of payment

Google Adsense is one of the oldest and the largest advertising network that offers ad publishing. Its system also works great with the pay per click system. Adsense always pays on time and it has thousands of publishers and advertisers. If you are living in the US, you need to submit your W9 form and you can request for an auto credit payment to your bank account. If you are living outside of the US, you can request to send your payment via the Western Union.


You are able to earn huge amounts of money if you know how to work your on-page and off-page SEO. The paying rates of Adsense are the best in all networks. Because Google gives a lot of value to the quality of the blog’s content before they accept your application, you need to make sure you give content that are informative and helpful to your readers and useful to the advertisers before you submit your application. A poorly written content with lots of grammatical errors stands less chance of getting accepted.


How to get accepted by Google Adsense?

  1. Create highly informative content
  2. Review your post and make as less grammatical errors as possible
  3. Make your navigation bar user friendly
  4. Make the design of your blog adept and suited to your readers
  5. Create a privacy policy, about us, and contact us
  6. Exercise originality, do not copy and paste your articles
  7. Provide value to your content
  8. Remove other ads before applying for Google Adsense
  9. Do not try to increase your visitors by engaging in illegal paid traffic
  10. Read and follow the Adsense policy


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