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Articles that look good bring more money


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Avoid hiring writers who love money more than research. Your articles will come out as a rewrite from other websites. The secret to maintaining loyal audience is fresh content and quality of information. This is SEO 101. In your organic search engine optimization, you should take care of your content development techniques.

I cannot understand why some people prefer to copy and paste the work of other people when they can write their articles better if only they spend a bit of time on it. That is plagiarism and Google robots will eventually ban your website and put it under the blacklisted websites’ list. Careful for whatever you decide about your content. If you want to earn from your website or attract highly targeted audience, write quality content with information that they can use.

Some techniques for ezine article writing

You need to provide catchy attractive title. Even though it is important that you put the keywords in your title, but if it will make your title sounds funny, then I would say just put a catchy title and keep the keywords on the body of the article. Titles usually make the person

Keep the flow of the idea continuous. You should not write just anything in an article. Try to keep the flow simple and focus on one topic for each article as much as possible.

Make sure that the words you use in your articles are simple, easy to understand, and makes your article sound professional. Word selection is important for your type of audience. Make sure that most of your audience can relate to the meanings and symbols of your message. This is very important.

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Write a unique article. Even if the topic is common, you can make a unique article IF you do not copy from other websites but perform research for recent results of studies or write your thoughts about what other people were writing. Make an article critique if you cannot perform research. However, writing an article critique does not mean you need to write negatively. Exercise tact and respect in all you and the robots and your audience will love you.

Ezine article writing requires proper grammar and just enough keywords. Do not spam your article with keywords. One way to create a good one is to put on keywords every 100 words. Create variations of your keywords. This will create a better sounding article. Blend the keywords naturally with your sentence.

Do not write self-serving articles. As much as possible, provide information and just take your audience to your landing page by using anchor text. Each article that you write will attract your readers, build your credibility, and gain their trust. Do not let less informative useless articles destroy your website’s credibility. Always perform quality check before publishing your articles.

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