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How Do You Establish Authority And Get Paid To Blog?


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How do you establish authority with your blog so you can make money blogging? What is the one thing that high traffic blogs have in common? Think about this, why do you even read the article? Maybe you just didn’t realize it, but it has to do more with the author and how useful you find the information in the article. In short, authority!


Readers look for credible websites that publishes valuable, useful content. Websites that used credible authors and experts in creating high quality, searchable content.


As a matter of fact, readers tend to trust the content posted in the blog when they provide added value that seems to enhance their experience. Do you have a content marketing strategy in place?


Want To Read More?

Developing creative headlines and subheads is one of the best ways to attract your less keen audience and entice them to read your blog post. Learning how to craft and optimize headlines can take time.


Spend some time learning and reading similar blogs. Take note how they choose topics, write their titles and subheadings, and carefully observe the way they talk or communicate with their readers.


Make sure what you write makes sense to them and greatly help them about their problems. Bring readers the information they need and carefully break it down using subheadings in a way that the content finished off in an engaging, entertaining way.


Do you have the resources? Do you find it easy to create highly searchable content on a consistent basis? Most of us find this obstacle in managing our blogs, keeping excellent ideas for our content marketing and meeting our own self expectations.


We all know that driving traffic requires creating unique, valuable content on a consistent basis. Keep your followers and reader in tune. Make sure you update your blog regularly.


I must admit that I am guilty of this updating and writing thing. Whenever I am very busy doing work for my clients, I tend to put their needs above mine. In short, I failed to update my blog.


Unfortunately, if you ignore your readers, they will just move on to another blog and find what they seek. This is really bad for your blog’s earning potential.



How to build Google authority?

The right question can be, how do you use blogging to establish yourself as an authority? If you want to build a loyal audience, brand trust, and maintain that spark of interest in them, you should think about creating an authority blog.


There are many reasons to blog and the primary reason you are here now trying to write even one post in your blog is to make money blogging online. When you blog, make sure you talk with sense and with a trace of intelligence, so you gain their respect and as a result, they will take you seriously.


Build a site that is really useful to your target audience. Publish information they are seeking, such as generating content about a specific topic to actually educate a specific segment of your target market.


With a generic blog, you may run out of ideas. With an authority blog, your information is highly organized and well-written. If you understand your topic, then it would be easier for you to write your content.


This is one reason that you should blog about topics you are very passionate about. You must understand that building a blog that generates a sizable passive income comes with many challenges.


What topics and resources do you need to build yourself as a credible author and an authority? Please do not dismay about the components of authority. Even if you lack formal education, you can still build an authority blog.




What is authority?

Authority is the familiar respect given to a person whom people acknowledged for their skills, expertise, ideas and thoughts. When you share something, even a joke, or when you speak your opinion about a specific topic, people listen to you attentively. That is authority.


Interestingly, authority content helps guide the decision making process of some people. One best way to make your audience understand what you are talking is to simplify and explain complex industry issues.


Make your lingo and everything else simple! Try to learn and understand how you can leverage on communication, because it is the key technique in gaining respect or admiration.


Leverage on special techniques of simplifying and communicating ideas about a particular niche. Your readers will soon recognize your passion, and if you blog valuable information long enough, you will be recognized as an authority.



Create the right content at the right time

Timing is the best way to find topics for your blog. Carefully craft the perception of your audience. Be in the right place, create the right content, at the right time!


It is important that you take care of what you write and how people perceive you. With so much valuable, useful content as your strong root, the search engines and your audience will revisit your site often.


If you take time to invest in your content, you will gradually build your audience and along with it, your backlinks. As your domain and content aged, so are your backlinks. Don’t you know that you can beat sites with plenty of backlinks by just slowly becoming an authority?


With an authority status, your benefits are not limited to plain page ranking. Make your site an authority site and you will reap the rewards in the future – passive income online without much organic search engine optimization!




Ask questions out of curiosity

One way of building up credibility and creating an authority is to ask the questions yourself, find the answer through research, and then share what you found while learning from it. This is one reason I have built several blogs of different niches.


I am a woman who is curious and interested to know many things. I searched for it online and when I find the answer, I blog and share the information to my like minded audience.


If you are truthful and transparent in your process and research, you will likely attract a large audience, and maybe through this, find noble ways to succeed getting paid blogging online without tearing your pockets.


Pick a topic you find interesting and commit to learning as much as possible. Cultivate the idea, create the content, make it easy to understand, and share it.



Give free stuff

One of the reasons people follow you is when you give your stuff for free. Work hard to learn the stuff and then share – this is authority! The trick is to be honest and be humble in everything.


Free stuff does not literally mean free gifts in kind. You can share free information and in the process, build rapport with your audience.


Case studies are a great way to demonstrate the truthfulness of your research. Continue to study and do intensive research about your topic. When writing your piece, you should write in a tactful and intelligent way, until you hit your voice.


Try a little experiment about how you write your topic and try to establish a distinctive voice that truly belongs to you, until you figure out what really works for you and your readers, including your blog’s theme.



Who is behind the blog?

Identity matters. Publish your content with a name so your audience may know who you are and as to what extent you are really trying to help them.


Become a thought leader on a specific topic. Translate your ideas and research in a meaningful way on your blog and across the blogosphere.


Become an industry source. This leads to more traffic and qualified leads to your blog.


It is pretty clear that being the person behind the blog, as an online authority, can help you get the traction and the attention you believe you deserve to enjoy.


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