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Blog advertising for high quality article backlinks: More efficient backlinking for your organic search engine optimization | Blog And Earn
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Blog advertising for high quality article backlinks: More efficient backlinking for your organic search engine optimization


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Blog advertising offers several options for monetization and comes in many forms. You can use YouTube for free videos publication and Blogger for free blog article posting. In this article, we are going to talk about monetizing your blogs or website and make money from your traffic the most effective way in the least cost. The best way to improve traffic and optimize backlinking in your organic search engine optimization is using blog advertising and ezine article writing. 

Ezine article writing

Ezine article writing is the best way to gain traffic from your blog and create loyal audience. You can publish ads in your website when you achieve the right targeted traffic that would want to buy your product or your advertiser’s products. Understand how article writing could help you promote your site for blog advertising. Be careful to maintain your niche topic so you gather targeted traffic.

Most bloggers do not like to place ads because they perceived it can lessen the aesthetics and professional look of the site. However, you may find out that the happiest bloggers are the ones who were able to balance the mix of content, ads, and audience in their sites. The best way is to determine your blogging goals and know if running ads on your site would match your goals or counter your goals. Article writing is the best way to support your ads. Write about the products you are promoting that could make your audience click related ads on your site.

PPC, PPM, and PPA are some types of ads you may want to place on your site. Pay per click or PPC means that you get paid when someone clicks on an advertiser’s ad. Pay per impression or PPM means that you get paid each time the ad appears on your page or a person loads the page. Pay per action or PPA means that you get paid each time someone clicks the ad and performs the desired action such as buying the product. These models are broken further into contextual ads, text link ads, image ads, video ads, affiliate ads, and review post. You can publish these ads using banner ads, button ads, skyscraper ads, leaderboard ads, transitional ads, floating ads, pop-up, peel back, and expandable ads.

You may use a variety of options as long as your other advertisers approve them. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of each advertiser. You cannot make instant success unless you perform trial and error. The best way is to write quality content that would provide your user useful information, manage your social media sites, and build high quality article backlinks. For advertisers, the task is very simple. Select blogs that are related to your niche topic with good PR. Advertise or pay an article with anchor text and URLs leading back to your site.

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Blog advertising supports your promotional goals. Build high quality backlinks with other sites and increase your internet presence. This is a good approach for effective and efficient organic search engine optimization. Evaluate your moves and make sure that they match your goals. It is important to understand that you need to get highly targeted audience from the high quality backlinks that you are trying to create. Your network should support your blog advertising opportunities. Integrate the ads and determine loading time. Fast loading pages are a must in blog advertising.


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