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How Content Syndication Can Make You Earn Money From Your Blog


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Blogging is the most useful tool in promoting your product or services, but without traffic it would be difficult to earn money from your blog. However, there is one sure fire to get increased traffic and that is what we call as the art of content syndication. Are you ready to share your content?


Create less and produce more through content syndication. This is the technique of republishing your content as is on another website with proper attribution to the author.


You are able to reap the rewards many times over, because one useful article can immediately create a spike in traffic. There is only one but… once the initial publishing is over, the traffic stats usually returns to near normal.


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Make sure you got the cycle completely figured out. Always capitalize on the conversions during the traffic spike.


Don’t go overboard with this technique. Remember that original content is still supreme. Make sure that each blog post that gets syndicated is helpful, non-promotional, and gives added value to the reader.



Quality syndication networks

  • Huffington Post
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Business Insider
  • Business2Community



Free or bartered blog syndication

Take some time to evaluate whether you are going to dive into blog syndication through a free or bartered syndication services, such as the PaidContent, Ezine Articles, or SeekingAlpha. Bloggers are simply given the opportunity to republish their posts or articles on these sites without any payment.


The additional exposure is the barter for the free publication of content. It can help boost traffic though and can make your blog look attractive to advertisers and other monetization opportunities.



Ad supported syndication

You get a percentage of advertising revenues generated from the syndicated content. BlogBurst is an example of a blog syndicator that offers ad-supported syndication opportunities. Because it follows a top performance reward system, most bloggers do not earn money from BlogBurst, but only benefit from the increased exposure.



Licensed blog syndication

Bloggers are paid royalties when their content is accessed by end users. Licensed syndicators typically work with top content distributors and deliver content to closed systems such as corporate libraries rather than republishing online, such as the Newstex. The approval process for this type of syndication is more stringent than the free ones.



Blogging is an immensely satisfying means of artistically expressing yourself and publishing high quality articles online. Somehow, this art can bring in some revenues and may increase your exposure and connect you with like-minded individuals. It provides instant gratification, is fun, empowering, and uniquely satisfying.


Putting down your thoughts into paper does not only bring business to you, but also is therapeutic called as a natural artistic release. Blogging dramatically attracts leads and is an information distribution and retrieval tool that keeps your business running through your audience.


The free content creates massive publicity that can transform your blog from a mere online publication to an income generating machine.


If you intend to sell an eBook, you can work with Paypal and to sell your products or even e-book online. E-junkie works with Paypal. Upon confirmation of a purchase, it sends the download to the customer.


The most common way to find a business with a blog is searching for sponsorship opportunities. By creating a content that helps your readers, you are well into the road of many opportunities. Over time, advertisers are going to discover your blog.


Produce interesting content and do not talk about you. They do not want to hear about you. They want to hear what you can do for them.


How are you going to help their problems? Are your articles providing solutions? Spread the heat and get good leads in return.



Focus on content

It is necessary that you focus more on your content, if you are planning to use your articles for content marketing and blog syndication.


Google loathes duplicate content and tends to select the most relevant version of your content. There is a big possibility that your preferred version might not be the one Google’s algorithm finds most relevant.


There are good benefits and bad sides of content syndication. If you plan to do it, make sure you are ready to reap the benefits of the good side as well as tackle the challenges and the downturn of the bad side.



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