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Make Money Blogging Using Free Hosting Sites


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If you truly cannot afford to buy a domain and a hosting so you able to make money blogging online, you can search for free hosting providers and hope they won’t control much over your blog. As a general rule, making money blogging using a free hosting is not much of a great idea. What you can do to your site, such as the ad placements or content can be strictly restricted. Your control over your blog can be limited as you are subject to the terms and conditions of the free hosting provider. In addition, having a subdomain address in the internet as the free hosting provider’s extension can’t be more appealing and comfortable than paying one of your own.


Can you make money with a free blog? Yes, of course. If the free hosting provider allows you to place some ads, then you can start making money online. Blogging is one of the most popular ways to generate some kind of income stream online.


Keeping a blog not only lets you communicate and spread your information fast, but it also, in a lot of ways, helps you earn passive income from Google Adsense and similar sites. If you don’t get accepted with Google Adsense, then you can search using the keyword phrase, “sites similar to Google Adsense”.


Want To Read More?

There are millions of blogs in the internet disseminating different kinds of news and content. However, not all of these blogs are earning. To earn, you need to do more than just write articles.


You need to perform some social media signals and a lot of organic search engine optimization efforts. The internet today is quite crowded, unlike in the past, where only large companies can afford the cost of maintaining a website online. You must have realized the trend has changed rapidly and it made the internet a common medium for blogs and social interaction.



Make money blogging at no cost to you

Which of the free blogging platforms should you use to make money online? There are many free hostings that offer great themes for your blog. Find one with a user friendly setting configuration.


One tip when choosing a blogging platform. If it will take you months to study about the website navigation, find another hosting you can easily deal with the technical part.


I was never a technical person. I just learned everything through experience. If I find a website difficult, I dropped it and proceed to host my blog on another provider. Why stay if it’s stressful?



WordPress and BlogSpot

These two are the most known free hosting providers, but I prefer a paid WordPress and a free BlogSpot. The major difference is the terms and conditions. Although the two are my favorites, BlogSpot is easier when it comes to money making schemes.


It would be difficult to make money blogging using the free WordPress. Honestly, I got two blogs that were terminated and my content gone with it because I put Adsense and other affiliate products on the site.


You can blog at no cost to you, but make sure you can generate ample earnings from it. Read the terms and conditions if the free blog hosting allows you to place some ads on your site.


Blogspot allows you to put your advertiser’s links. WordPress is good only if you pay your own domain and hosting because, the free one, does not allow any commercial activity on your blog. Besides, it is easier to apply Google Adsense using Blogspot.


After a few months and after a few posts, when the blog is ready, you can apply for Google Adsense. You can also apply to the other advertisers as a publisher.


Buying your own domain and hosting is best if you intend to monetize your blog. In paid hosting, there are no limitations and no restrictions on what you can do to monetize your blog.


Technically, in terms of the layout, themes, placement of ads, and the use of the site, or for the overall use of the site, I can say it would entirely depend on you. You are able to redirect your goals anytime without having to wrestle with the cumbersome terms and conditions of free hosting sites.



Organically grow your blog

I prefer to grow a paid blog organically than a free blog. Free blogs may change their business goals anytime and all your efforts to direct your traffic to a specific subdomain are wasted.


However, BlogSpot has been around for some time. So, I guess you can comfortably blog using this platform. In a free domain and free hosting blog, you are at risk of losing your content and your SEO efforts.


I have seen many free blogs come in and out of the market through the years. Some of them were gone along with the content. There are three things you can do

  • Pay your domain and hosting (self-host in a paid domain)
  • Pay your domain in a free hosting
  • Get a free domain on a free hosting


To keep your traffic, you can use a free hosting, but make sure you purchase your domain. This is the cheapest street smart way to make money blogging. Own the domain and use the free hosting.


This way, whenever you move your content to a paid hosting, your audience will still find you, because your domain will not change.


The most user friendly site for WordPress is GoDaddy. This service provider offers discounts on your domain and hosting purchases. Before you buy one, make sure you include the discount coupon code on your shopping cart.



What makes WordPress awesome?

WordPress is best for the paid ones, because it has a good database of free templates and themes you can use and the security risk is very minimal. Every once in a while, WordPress sends an update, which includes security updates.


The WordPress is a free blogging software you can use to build a corporate website, SME website, or just a blog. The core software is built by the WordPress community volunteers with thousands of plugins. This free and priceless blogging software can transform your site into a simple corporate site, a blog, or even an eshop.


Over 60 million individuals and entrepreneurs powered their websites and blogs with a paid WordPress domain and hosting. This free and open source blogging tool and content management system built on the PHP and MySQL maintains a large database of plugins you can use to make your laptop lifestyle more comfortable.


I am happy to say that the volunteers have done an awesome work with its plugin architecture, template system, and security measures, including the eCommerce site plugin payment system. You are in full control of your content and site design when you endure the cost of having a self-hosted blog.


It is highly customizable and you can easily set up the platform. If you are really serious about blogging, you should have a self-hosted WordPress blog and learn how to make money out of it. It is auto adaptable and infinitely customizable with free updates of enhancements made from time to time.


It allows its user to extend its feature, make use of the plugin for its search engine optimization and social media. The plugin offers custom functions and features to help tailor your needs, including the widgets, payment gateways, and the navigation bar.


The nav bar is very simple and user friendly. There is no need for a specific skill to be able to operate a WordPress blog. I like to share one secret.


The permalink structure allows you to choose your URL permanent link structure. I always choose the /%postname%/ because it would give the same URL even if you change hosting or move the date the content was published.


The URL with dates can be a problem when you move your content. Besides, this is shorter. WordPress also supports auto Pingback and trackback.



WordPress free blog

The WordPress of, offers a free domain and blog hosting. Here, the customizations and the commercial activity are limited.


It is very easy to install and switch themes. You can just go the Appearance, find the theme you like and switch from theme to theme without altering the content of your blog. You need at least one theme to be able to start blogging.


If you do not like the default theme, then you can just browse and select another one again. Click install and then click activate next to change the template’s look and feel.


You can tweak your selected theme by going through the Editor. If it is a bit difficult, then you can sign up and ask questions at the WordPress community or forum hosted by the WordPress itself. The plugin architecture of the freely hosted WordPress theme is just like the self-hosted WordPress.




Blogspot by Google blogging platform

Blogspot of is the old Blogger free publishing too. It allows private or multi user blogs. The blogs are being hosted by Google under the subdomain Blogspot.


It seamlessly integrates with other Google products such as the Google Plus, YouTube, and the Google Analytics. You can connect and auto post what you published in BlogSpot in Google Plus, Twitter or other social network.


The Google + can help you build your audience as well as deliver your content to interested readers. As a result, you get a swarm of viewers who are excited to read your articles, which is good in making your site known.


You are allowed to monetize your site using Google Adsense, affiliate products, and other forms of monetization. You should have a Gmail account to be able to access and create a blog at Blogspot.




Tumblr of, is the simplest blogging platform but the least customizable form. However, you can customize the color of your theme with pretty few simple clicks and that is all.


It is important that you are able to customize the theme and make some minor changes of the look and feel of your blog. It is difficult to generate income with a least customizable platform.


With Tumblr, you are able to share your article, text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos. It allows users to post content in the form of a short microblog. The dashboard interface is very simple and clean.


The Tumblr actually began as a simple microblogging platform, but you can always start a blog here. This is a popular social networking website owned by Yahoo. The Yahoo acquired Tumblr for a total of $1.1 billion on May 20, 2013.


David Karp, the founder of Tumblr, remained the CEO. The deal was finalized on June 20, 2013. Tumblr has over 77 million blogs as of October 13, 2012.



LinkedIn blogging platform

The LinkedIn started as a social networking site for professionals. Recently, it has open its doors to blogging. However, they are most likely to give you an invite to write articles and post them on their website before you can start and continuously blog.


I think most people there would want to know more about career pathing and useful business ideas. If your niche is related to what I just mentioned, you can grow your blog with LinkedIn.



Hubpages blogging platform

Hubpages of, is an article network that allows you to earn from your traffic through Google Adsense. It contains millions of informative, fresh articles that may help you with your blogging and writing needs.


You can create your own space and share your advice, reviews, tips, opinion, and insights about a certain topic. This free site is one of the top 50 most visited blog in the US.


It has a lot of user generated content in a variety of topics. User generated content has become popular among social media enthusiasts. The search engines love user generated content.


In November 2013, it has received about 16.1 million unique impressions from US visits and about 30.9 milllion global unique visits. The Hubpages encourages members to enrich their text by embedding videos and images as part of their blog.


The dashboard editor provides a very user friendly blogging template you can just paste your content and then, click publish. You are encouraged to create different hubs for each topic.


You can earn passive income from the ad revenue generated by your hub pages. The revenue is shared between you and HubPages.




Blog of, provides a free powerful publishing platform. It offers social media service integration, widgets, and allows multi-author blogs. It also provides smashing beautiful themes.


You may want to explore the site first before you start blogging. Sometimes, I find a good site, but got problems with the user interface. Explore first before you decide to really make it a home for your content.




The is a different kind of hosting. Its goal is to help people heal themselves by giving them a place to express their thoughts and connect with their family. The website is being funded and supported by people who cares for other people.


If you have cancer and other kinds of major illness, you may want to share your thoughts here. Blogging is a very good way to express yourself. Sharing with people who are seeking for healing and with the people you love, families and friends can provide you the comfort you need in desperate times. No ads on this site.


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