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Make Money Blogging Adsense Website Optimization Ideas


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How do you earn money blogging Adsense? How do you use Google Adsense to monetize your blog? Can a new blog make money with Adsense? Adsense is considered as one of the best money making programs for bloggers.


You do not have to manually change the ads after a certain time. You do not have to worry about low quality ads. You do not have to worry about not being paid. Adsense is very reliable and you can apply for the program after a few months of blogging.


To earn from Adsense, you need to continually try out various optimization techniques, including using keywords with high CPCs. The best blogging education for monetization comes from experimenting.


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If anyone ever told you that Adsense doesn’t require hard work, he is wrong. You need to create compelling content to drive traffic. You also need to search for the right keywords to drive the right traffic to your blog.


The key to earning at least $5,000 minimum from your blog is to create a business plan, a good blog structure, a tribe, and a sales funnel. If you are looking to achieve long term financial success, do it the right way.


It may be slow at first, but it will pay off nicely in the end. What if tomorrow, you will be approached by investors who gained interest in the growing popularity of your blog? Additional income can be made through your blog in less time.


Starting a blog can be intimidating, especially if you are expecting to earn money from your blog every month to sustain your cost of living. Today, with the kind of economy and fast paced environment that we have, finding more ways to make money blogging Adsense is important.


Whether you have a full time job but are building a web presence for yourself in your free time, you can generate a great deal of revenue using this tool, if you know how to use it to your advantage.


Adsense allows you to create a passive revenue stream online. The traffic that is coming to your blog is going to judge you and your business based on your blog’s theme, layout, navigation, loading page, any advertisements placed on your website, and content relevance. These factors can either make your visitors click your Adsense or drive them away.


The design of your blog should be focused on keeping the visitors rather than driving them away. Many visitors won’t read or scroll down unless the content is really compelling.


The more traffic you get, the more potential clicks you will have. Here is the trick. The lesser ads you have on your page, the higher would be the probability for you to maximize the earnings of your blog.


Understand that Google Adsense is all about earning money from visitors who might be interested in other topics than what you provide in your blog. What they do is just to click and follow an ad from your site. You earn a bit of cents from any single click made by any visitor on your blog.


When you are looking to generate revenue from Adsense, you should have a balance between keyword density and content. Determine whether you are targeting the right keywords and make the needed changes as you go on developing your website and optimizing your content.



URL submission to search engines

Obviously, no search engine would know about the existence of your website if you do not submit your URL to free or paid submission websites for the spidering process.


You definitely need to build a search engine friendly website coding and visitor friendly layout for your blog so it would be easier for you to perform organic search engine optimization. Themes can be downloaded for free at the WordPress.


Taking care of the structure of your site, which includes the content optimization with search keywords, is one effective tactic in making the crawlers discover your blog, especially if you place to-follow-links within the articles.


Yahoo claimed they indexed about 80% of the web. However, it is difficult to know the accurate percentage. Google on the other hand, claimed 8 billion indexed pages.


Your organic search engine optimization strategy must include techniques on making the robots revisit your site periodically in order to keep the index fresh. To keep your website going, you need to publish fresh articles filled with information that your target audience is looking for.


Building internet presence is possible using highly searchable content. Highly searchable would mean great content with matched keywords in it.


Writing a compelling article is the best way to grow your business faster in a very smart way. Be creative and be remarkable in a simple way!




How to write compelling articles?

Learning to be creative is a matter of practice. You can blog and build your authority about your topic or niche. Once you establish a credible internet presence, internet users or searchers across the globe can easily find you.


To create an excellent content that everyone may find useful can be done through research and not just inspiration. Every successful content writer knows this secret.


Publishing a compelling content seems to be as difficult to articulate as it is to create. You can do content marketing and let all the pieces fall into places.


Your copy has to be concise, clear, and very informative. Readers are usually fascinated with a compelling content. It would definitely drive them to click you call to action or simply Adsense for more related articles.


The most effective way to write a compelling content is to know your target prospect, plan your topics, and conduct some research while you are writing your copy.


Doing so makes it easier for you to highlight irresistible benefits throughout your copy. As a result, you gain attention and inspire action. Your content is your bait.


If you want more buzz than you can handle, make your prospects feel special. Make them feel important and let them find the solution to their problems. Make it emotional.


The features of your article definitely appeal to the human logical brain. However, click through rates and purchases aren’t driven by logic. They are driven by emotions.


People do not usually pay much attention when they do not perceive it to be valuable. And if you are a new blogger, this can be really overwhelmingly impossible.


Practice makes perfect. Also, learn how to create some sense of urgency to make them click on your call to action.


Copywriting, like any craft, is honed over time. So, keep failing. That is natural. What isn’t natural is writing effective copy that converts.


Practice copywriting again and again. I Over time, you will learn to write and compel people to take action more often. One day, these techniques will become part of you, engrained in your skillset.


Having the ability to write catchy articles is not going to help you grown a responsive audience. Your content should not kill curiosity, but make them further interested and more intrigue.


Arousing curiosity is no reason to rely heavily on just a catchy title, but the information you provide on your content. Your creativity in your content compels them, which prevents your content from getting stale and unappealing.


Try not to write the same old style day after day without trying new techniques. Being remarkable does not mean being monotonous. Varying your blog writing styles can help your readers better understand your content and see it in the same way you do.


Go to social media sites and curate ideas by using a discussion about the different topics they have been writing from time to time. Learn how you can use and make other people’s ideas and make them your own. This is where creativity comes in handy.


Being a new blogger, if your writing is suffering, take a step back from the normal plan and see what you can do differently this time to improve. You have to have the right mixture of creativity along with content that builds rapport with your audience.


Creating a compelling content is something you learn over time. Revealing creativity in your writing and learning how to stay from bad habits is something that comes from within.


The reader is there, ready and waiting for your content to bring them to the answer. Write the way you know you should be writing. It is the content that inspires people to act, because the written word has compelled them to do so through your creativity.


In addition, you can build an interactive website and other widgets that your readers may find useful. Put it in one of your pages or homepage.


Create a variety of website applications that could help you generate personalized promotion, such as the widgets. Customize promotion using high quality web content through article writing. Generate traffic through customize widgets for customer service and interaction.


Business owners usually engage in many marketing methods such as article writing, banner advertisements, keyword optimization, podcasting, pay per click, forum postings, blog postings, and many other strategies that could help gather qualified traffic.


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