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Easy Guide To Blogging And Content Marketing


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To continually make money blogging, you should know the basic art of article writing. Don’t get distracted if at first, you do not know much about creative writing or copywriting. Just blog and communicate with your audience the way you normally talk with people and you are good to go for that long ride!


Serve your audience by writing articles that can help them solve their problems. The key is providing helpful information. Interest and information are very crucial in blogging.


Blogging presents a lot of opportunities. You only need to know how to do it. Blogging for profit means publishing real time information and quality content. Please do not publish trash.


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As they all say, if you cannot write, then just outsource it. Learn what keeps your interest and blog for like-minded people. This will keep you from abandoning your blog later on.


Blogging is all about ideas and serving the needs of your readers across the blogosphere community. I say article writing and networking with the blogosphere community is a healthy place to indulge your virtual spare time and at the same time, earn money blogging.



Creating content suited to the interest of your readers require some tricks.

  • Provide useful information to your readers.
  • Create catchy titles with keywords.
  • Write subtitles with keywords.
  • Try to research and brainstorm creative articles that you may reprint and sell later.



Engaging content can just be an extra kick

Write articles that encourage click throughs. If you have a solid click through rate from the search results, you earn more from Adsense. I may not be able to give you a complete guide to article writing, but I may share some secrets for blogging your way to a six figure income.


Blogs are excellent ways to get to know people and naturally lead to a conversation. However, attracting highly targeted visitors can be a big draw. You have to look for new sources of traffic.


Blogs can make you money, but if you don’t have the right traffic, all you get are peanuts. Over the past years, blogging has evolved in many ways. It has now become a mini-industry.


You must understand it takes time to build a profitable blog. If you want instant riches, you can look for it elsewhere. You do not create yourself overnight and become an instant professional blogger.



How do you earn money from blogging?

Blogging is something you have to work toward over time. And yes, you can make a lot of money from blogging. There are stories going around on blogs of some people making a decent full time income from blogging.


You can earn money from blogging through direct and indirect monetization. Direct can be advertising, sponsorships, affiliate commissions, and paid reviews. Indirect monetization can be freelance contracts, books and ebooks, speaking engagements, consultancy opportunities, service contracts, running courses, classes or workshops and having membership sites and paid communities.


Which method is appropriate for you? If you blog to promote your business, sell your products, promote your writing, or make yourself known, then you fall in the indirect monetization category.


If you blog for recreational purposes (interest and hobby), make money in your spare time, and blog about product reviews, then you fall in the direct monetization category.


As a new blogger, you should be aware of the implications of your direction and how it might impact your goals. Ads caused distractions and clutter.


If the conversion isn’t sufficient, using ads can seem quite pointless. The usefulness and the clutter depend on the ad chosen and topic that the blogger is writing about.


Key tips to make advertising work for you

  • Put your reader and content first
  • Don’t let ads dominate your page
  • Ensure only relevant and appropriate ads are displayed
  • Promote and write reviews about affiliate products only when you are of good value.
  • Disclose your affiliate relationship so as not to fall of the US Federal Trade Commission and other government regulations.



Blog business model

Most people think of earning money from blogging with only one model in mind

  • Set up a blog
  • Make it popular
  • Earn from advertising



Multiple blogs would make quite a salary if you earn a couple of hundred dollars per blog. You can leverage from your credibility and popularity as a blogger to drive people to your site and make money writing articles for other people also.


You can also flip a blog. It is possible to grow a blog’s value and then sell it. You can build from scratch, give it a good makeover, and then sell it for a profit. How do you make your blog famous?



Write engaging articles with a story

Your goal is to write articles that give out helpful or useful information. The intention is to help your readers find solutions to their problems. Content that does not engage your readers won’t do anything to enhance your brand, let alone increase your conversions, leads and sales.


It gets ignored, because there is a limit to the amount of content we can consume. However, there is a big difference with an engaging content. Engaging content gets read and shared.


It moves the audience, builds trust, and loyal following. It is the Swiss Army Knife of content marketing. It makes your blog rank better in the SERPS.


Another way to make your content engaging is to tell a story. Humanize your content. Your audience will connect more with your content when there is a narrative.


Storytelling is how we connect each other. What you are doing and what you stand for are going to engage them. How do you tell a story in your content?


I call this as the art of blogging or writing content. Here are two ways

  • Weave a narrative throughout your content
  • Use a story to clarify or drive home a point




Out of the box writing

Instead of quoting, paraphrasing or pulling from other sources, write something new. Drop some new knowledge on those readers. You can write out-of-the-box ideas and watch your readership grow dramatically.


Original ideas. Content backed by experience and research. These kinds of content actually help the readers get something out of your thought leadership.


Look at the other content for opportunities of writing an original content. Visuals add authenticity to your content. Images can tell a story and help readers relate to the content.


With the text content and visuals, you have more chances for having backlinks and people tend to stay on the page longer. If you can write a lengthy content, it must be shareable and still remains interesting.



Tips to make your content interesting

  • Write subheadings
  • Tell a story
  • Write something new
  • Give the eye break with some visuals



I have one tip to recreate your blog if it hasn’t been performing well. If you want to switch the keywords on your old articles and also your URL, you may be able to increase your organic traffic. Select a potential new main keyword and start optimizing your old pages that were not performing well.


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