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You can make money blogging online with any kind of content as long as you deliver the right information for your niche market. In order to generate a passive income stream through your blog, you need to have informative posts and articles. Your audience must find your blog useful. That means your content should meet what they need and should provide solutions to their problems. Simply, an excellent content may not be useful to them. Your content must be worth their time.


How do you craft a content that would be useful for your audience? It takes time for creativity and research to not only please your audience, but make them spend more time reading your content in your blog. The best way to monetize a blog is just to follow the flow and trends. What do they want from you?


I already discussed with you about the Google Analytics tool. You have an edge over the other bloggers who are not using data to grow their audience organically. For a start, do not worry about what product to sell. Right now, you need to focus on how to help your audience find solutions to their problems and find answers to their questions.


Want To Read More?

Make everything simple. Yes, because they are not scientists or scholars that need high strung phrases from the Webster dictionary. Keep everything simple as if you are talking to the least attentive reader.


A strategic approach is needed to keep your traffic coming back. One approach can be storytelling. Great storytellers get more audience, but largely depends if your story touches their human heart and soul.


What am I talking about? You do not need to be religious to touch their hearts and souls. You just need to be simply you and talk about your experience and your thoughts. I cannot emphasize more about the impact of emotional experiences.



Writing with emotions

You should learn how to write with emotions. Start caring for your readers and start looking at the value of their experiences. Readers want to be touched by your stories and to be moved by your stories.


This is why Google says content is king. Your content should connect to your audience. During the course of their reading, they should be able to get a good insight about what you are talking about and be able to grab the message you are trying to communicate. What do you want to tell them?


Readers who are truly looking for something get immersed in your content and in your story. Without the right emotion, you cannot get emotionally connected to them. There is no life without emotions.


You can connect with your readers in two ways. First, you can provide a very useful content and connect with them intellectually. Second, you can address emptiness by showing and making them feel your sincerity and connect with them emotionally.


The formula is very simple. Logic can make you think while emotion can make you act. Now, there is the origin of your click through rates. The two are unbeatable!



Improving the connection to first time readers

Relationships can work if you can help them find you and connect with you in some levels. What do you need to do to make this connection work for you and them?


Stimulate traffic using the basic search engine optimization tactic for content, never forget to do your homework – keyword research. The simplest way to perform professional SEO for top SERPS positioning and make money blogging online is choosing the right keywords.


After you decide on what niche to join, perform some research about the buying behavior of your target audience. Know what they like and know what catches their attention. Easy to say, but hard to do!


Yes, I know that marketing research for search engine optimization is a very daunting task. Here is one good tip – blog and interact. This may take some effort weeding out the spam though.


The comment section in the blog allows the visitors to leave comments. This way you are able to communicate and build rapport with your audience on a very personal level.


This is one reason why having a social media channel that allows you to change the way you get around and interact with your customers and prospective customers is highly valuable.


What I did in some of my blogs is to simply close the comments and put the Twitter widget at the sidebar so my readers can interact with me. Most spam do not interact through Twitter with all their links and almost a page comment.



One time, I almost got in trouble with the bandwidth because of the spam comments. So, I just disabled comments and live again.


You can improve your connection and relationship with your audience when you write relevant topics. Generate a steady, passive income stream by writing topics that are relevant to the title of your blog.


Optimize your post and convert your audience into buying customers or Adsense clicking audience by writing topics that are relevant. How do you create content that actually resonates with your readers?


Getting a point across a variety of reader persona is critical in maintaining readership. The biggest challenge in blogging is finding a content that truly engages your readers. It is kind of publishing a content that tickles your readers’ fancy.


Have you started tickling your audience? The kind of content that tickles gets shared socially, forwarded and linked to other social media sites. Publish a content that makes people read until the end of your article. This is the kind of content that you need to create.



Comprehensive and informative article

Even if you put a thousand keywords in your article, you won’t be able to increase your readership and organic traffic if the content is not interesting and engaging for them. Conducting some Google Analytics can be good for you.


Deliver the content in the right format. There is no format really in talking about things, but you need to structure your content in such a way that the organization and flow of your thoughts do not jump from paragraph 1 to paragraph 5 and then back to paragraph 2, if you know what I mean.



Blogging is a storytelling challenge

This popular tool uses digital technology to help you store information as well as lets your audience easily retrieve their desired post or article. Blogging is a very profitable medium only if you know how to do it. Here are some tips you might want to consider when building your content


  • Include strong call for action phrases in your blog
  • Include images and videos to help the audience grasp the information better
  • Include a good banner or ad design
  • Make sure the layout of the page is clean and clear to read
  • Do not overwhelm the page with ads or they will confuse the visitor
  • Spice up your ad or banner with animation designs



Place banner ads strategically in your blog post

Strategically place the banner ads or creative within the page. The page presentation or layout is very important. The traffic coming to your site consists of highly qualified leads looking for the product you are promoting or the content you are trying to share and make money blogging.


The visitors clicking on your banner ads are definitely ready with their credit cards to buy your product. Fine tune and tweak your call to action, images, and text. When it comes to SERPS positioning and SEO, you need to understand that you are dealing with a global audience.


An improper or incorrectly created call to action phrases would cost you money and lots of missed opportunities. Remember, a good call to action + catchy headers = better market response.


If you need help for top SERPs positioning, SEO, and to build your online presence, find a service provider or a virtual assistant who can provide good content with the appropriate price. I would not recommend cheap providers who would just copy and paste their work without care about your goals.


If you have time to write your blog, that would be awesome. Learn how to do it and never pressure yourself from anything. Just let things take their toll. In time, you would find yourself making much money from your blog.


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