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Build Brand Ambassadors To Share Your Brand Story


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How do you create an authentic brand story that actually improves trust and help you earn money from your blog? Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to breathe life into your brand. It is the core component of content marketing.


Your brand story gives your product, service, or blog an identity that captures the attention of the readers to share your story as it is. Be authentic, creative, and inspirational. It can drive revenue and increase customer loyalty.


Take your audience on a journey they yearn to experience using your storytelling. Don’t you know that the best brands are built on great stories? A brand story is more than a content and narrative.


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Create your brand story and build a tribe. You can then build brand ambassadors out of your tribe to promote your brand with your story.


When you tell a story, it creates an experience that resonates with your customers. It goes beyond what’s written in the copy on your website. A brand is a matter of perception, but it can be a form of progressive marketing.


Crafting a brand story is not easy for those who do not have any authentic story at all. It should reflect what you stand for and why it matters to your audience. The sell in a story is creative, subtle, and often indirect.


Storytelling is not inventing a story. It is the very reason why your business exists. By integrating your personal story with the brand narrative, you are already creating a very good content that they can share.


The story must be compelling and factual. It connects you to your audience on a personal level and often times, drives them to action. Stories have the power to create trust. If you do not have a story, then you will be regarded as another plain commodity!


Brand stories are not pitches or ads. They are often told with a brand persona, that is, with your personality at the center stage. It is the personality drives the story.


Simple stories are easier to understand and remember. Your story is the foundation of your brand and a strategy for future growth.


Tell your brand story and connect with people who are open and interested enough to share your story. Just look at how Starbucks created a whole new coffee category and position itself above its competitors.


Human to human connections are the heart and soul of a business. At the end of the day, you deal with people and storytelling is one powerful technique you would like to use to build human relationships.


Good stories give big voices to small ventures. Storytelling can make your brand stand out, but they are not marketing materials. Focus on developing your message.


It takes careful strategic planning to craft your message and place it in your story. Your message architecture should push to articulate your brand persona. Let your customers define properly the voice and the message behind your brand story.


Make sure your brand story gets shared and remembered. Brand stories for SEO top SERPs positioning can encourage repeat business, if they are being actively shared across the social media channels.


Having a brand story is a very powerful tool to build a following or a tribe for your business. Build your relationship, create a stir, make your tribe buzz for you, and get those followers fired up to support your business goals hidden under the modest word “passion”.



What is your story?

What kind of story would you give people for them to tell, share, and connect with each other? How interesting are the stories that you tell your customers?


Are the stories and the social media sites you share these stories doing their work in evoking an audience response? Successful companies know it requires a brand story to drive business and sell a brand.


You can always refer to the Coca Cola company. Look at how they build stories around emotions and in connecting relationships between people in the community, which not only satiates your thirst, but also gives you a good idea about how to spend great time with your family.


It is just a very simple video about people having fun and enjoying each other’s family, but the emotions were very real and the message was very clear. Relationships matter and being together keeps us together in fun and good times, and the other times.


Actually, I find it very impressive, as it motivates you to build relationships with people and with your family by just offering one bottle of a cold coca cola drink. If you want to build a sustainable, successful business and a brand that will build a following, you have to start with a story.


Another example is the Nike story. Nike is more than a story of effective branding. Just see how this brand has managed to stay on top. Its strategy is pretty simple.


It features the day to day event as an opportunity to use the Nike shoes. It perfectly enhanced the image of the brand. This is branding at its best.


You can successfully relate a myth to your brand in the form of storytelling. The Nike strategy is using emotional branding with a devious twist of the story that I like.



Branding through storytelling

Effective storytelling differentiates your brand. It gives people a good reason to notice your brand. The world’s most successful brands don’t behave like commodities and neither should you.


Established a brand story that can help align your position as well as boost your marketing communications. Your story should begin with connection, relevance, and association. Build a complete picture of your brand.


A compelling brand story has the power to change the destiny of a company. Oftentimes, it remains invisible, but very much felt by the people it has created quite an impact.


You can touch the feelings or first get emotionally connected with your audience and then create a twist of the story to your brand’s advantage.


How do you start being remarkable? How do you build a good brand story? You can say a little about you on your About Us page.


Story branding is the idea of creating stand out brands through story telling. So, take your time to prepare. With careful planning and preparation, you can learn how to tell a good story.


Invest time in truly articulating your narrative brand story. One thing hasn’t change much across time, and that would be listening to a good story.


Remember the once upon a time? Make it personal and do not be afraid to mention your failings and problems. Always focus on the human element.


The most powerful stories connect on the human level. Facts and figures can be persuasive, but you can always tell that a story is memorable and encourages a person to feel and remember.


The emotional bonding that happens during the storytelling greatly helps in positioning the brand. Creating a brand story is a powerful tool for embedding the position of the brand in a specific level or raising a brand to another level.



What makes a good story?

To make your brand story easier to consume and being repeated by the consumers, it must be short, simple, and relevant. In other words, make it brief and concise, but so emotionally connected so they will always remember you over time.


One technique is to closely tie it up with some important issues without preaching any brand philosophy. This makes everything so real and can get your audience to do some action. Involvement is a good response.


Definitely, you should write a story that builds emotional connections. Great stories make people feel something. Those emotions create powerful connections between the audience, the characters, and the storyteller.



Mapping out your audience’ brand experience

Mapped out the brand experience. Make sure that the experience aligns with the brand positioning you are working to develop. Be truthful to your brand promise and let your promise be identified with the brand experience.


With brand mapping, you need to look at each connection point and make sure that the brand promise and the current brand experience are very much aligned. Start by reviewing each interaction point and move to closely align the experience with the positioning.


Developing an effective brand story and designing a brand experience are the best ways to make people deeply internalize the brand’s message and image. You need to design the external brand experiences accurately.



A good brand story should be something that people don’t just talk about, but something that they desire to live with in their daily lives. One good way to deeply embed the brand in the minds of your target audience is through interaction or social media sharing with the customers.


By simply telling your story, you contribute something new to their consciousness, define who you are, and gives them an idea of what you stand or fight for – your passion out in the open!


The lives of the people are commonly driven and brought together by stories that inspires them. Brand stories could be true and could be created as a myth for the consumption of the consumers.


You have the option to create stories that may work and help the brand just like the popular Coke and Nike video ads. However, you must understand the need to put some sense of realness or authenticity to your story.


Authentic brand stories provide better emotional connections. Authenticity keeps the brand narrative going. People love stories.


Stories make your brand real. Do you still remember how Coca Cola promoted its brand? People do not just passively receive your brand story.


They do co-create the meaning of your brand. This is one good reason why you should create a story that could fit your brand into their lives.


Fitting your brand into their lives is critical. Storytelling can transcend your product and show people how it can be a good fit to their lives.


SEO branding through storytelling is the coolest way to indirectly sell your brand. Create characters people care about and let the emotional connection grow organically.


Tell a story. Push your brand. Generate leads. Experience better ROI. Get it?


People talk. Let us just say – people love to talk. Brand conversations may take place anywhere. Face to face, word of mouth, or social media sharing creates an affective brand exposure.


By regularly sharing brand anecdotes with friends or recommending certain brands through peer conversations, you can effectively promote your brand. Haven’t you noticed yet? Sometimes, stories about the brand live longer than the brand itself.


To stimulate this, you need to involve consumers in accomplishing it. You can easily do this when you build compelling stories around it.


As a result, you will experience an increase of website traffic, look upon as an expert authority, and gain better page ranking. Storytelling could get you to the top 10 of the SERPs positioning.


This is the key to increasing your sales – build a story that moves people. The trick? Make your employees and customers as your true brand ambassadors.


Stories or events positively shared can demonstrate a positive brand identity and can transform social media sharers into brand ambassadors. This technique can get you a good amount of conversions because the process creates a real sense of energy and passion.


A brand should be presented and associated with the cultural system to acquire meaning as well as to get it easily circulated within the society. When people grasp the meaning, the brand becomes powerful.


Make sure your story exerts much influence to your social circle in circulating your brand story across their respective connections. A brand acquires meaning the moment it circulates within the society.


Stories are the real life experiences of the users of the product, the creators of the story, and of the public. You can say a brand has definitely built its own culture over time when its role becomes a cultural phenomenon, like an icon, like Coca Cola.


Obviously, we should acknowledge the importance of the consumers in co-authoring the process of brand culture. Just stay consistent and avoid confusion with your story.


This way, your story can generate higher user engagement as well as supports SEO top SERPs positioning. Get your audience involved!


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