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Can Storytelling Help You Make Money Blogging?


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How do you earn from your blog if you do not know how to write a compelling story? The most common dilemma of the bloggers is actually about how to create a single blog post and build their own personal brand. Shall we say writer’s block or does not really know at all? Which one are you?


Brand stories – how do they happen? Don’t you know that the best brands were built on great stories? Tell me the brand story of Coke and Southwest Airlines?


Creating a brand story that can differentiate your brand and gain a following can be easier if you build emotional connections with your narrative. How do you build meaning out of a story?


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I understand that the thought of starting to write with anything, especially if you do not have any idea where and what to start, can be quite difficult. Now you understand. It is not that easy to earn money from your blog.


It certainly involves a lot of things and not just writing. If you want to craft coherent, effective brand stories that can connect to your brand identity, you should make it powerful by making it compelling and meaningful.


If you find it difficult to start with anything, you may go ahead and just tell your own story. What made you blog? Unleash the power of storytelling by starting with your own narrative!


Just to let you know. Sometimes I say brand, but if you are a new blogger, that would definitely refer to your name or your brand name.


Where to start, what to include, and how to convey your brand can be difficult, if you haven’t any idea what to say. One thing you should keep in mind so you get more motivated to build your story: If you don’t have a story, you would just be another commodity in the blogosphere. Scary?


Business truly is a human endeavor. From childhood, we have been listening to different stories. What story did you like most?


To succeed, you must learn how to create emotional connections with your tribe or connections through social media. That connection can be stimulated best through sharing of stories.


Usually, brand stories tied to a higher purpose can resonate with customers and drive brand awareness. In a lot of ways, people don’t buy your product anymore. They buy your brand story.


By using fun and engaging stories, you can captivate the heart of your audience and highlight what makes you interesting, attractive and exceptional. Digital storytelling is truly the best human endeavor that could build relationships inside and outside the company.


To create emotional connections, you need to master storytelling, which is an extremely powerful form of communication. Do you know what makes it powerful? Stories create emotional connections and they shape information into something more.


Stories are memorable. It combines facts and details with emotions, colors and imagery. Being memorable is critical to our present world that has been bombarded with millions of stimuli day after day.


Express your key attributes, passion, and values in a relevant and compelling way. This way, the audience will gain clarity on what you try to deliver.


Telling a story makes your brand come out alive in a relevant and compelling way. A story can captivate the audience, highlight what makes you interesting, and also make your passion, in a lot of ways, it makes you sound more attractive and exceptional.


People read blogs to learn and to get inspired and do not expect to read a monotonous crap of text. You can get creative for a change and integrate storytelling with your content writing and see how it goes.




Storytelling tricks

How do you go through the storytelling of a brand called you? That would be like making the invisible as visible. Manage your branding strategy and create a win win situation.


Brand management is an essential part of a future oriented management, because it increases the differentiation potential while decreasing the limitations of what a brand can do.


One tactic is to identify the tone and language that are most appealing to your audience. Find a story that resonates as well as focuses on your customers’ personality and behavioral traits.


Go beyond mere blogging. Try to capture your customers by pushing brand storytelling. Don’t you know that the effectiveness of the storytelling was backed by a neurological research?


The human brain has been wired to process information as stories, which allows the person to process large amounts in small chunks, and store it effectively in memory.


The strength of a brand is based on the stories people relate about their experiences, assumptions, and judgments. Brand stories are designed to create emotions like desire and craving. It is formulated to win the hearts and minds of the readers.


However, to communicate more effectively, you need to align your brand environment, that is, everything that surrounds you, with your personal brand.



Video as a tool for branding

The video is the perfect vehicle for telling a story, which helps you gain a competitive edge. One neurological research confirms the effectiveness of storytelling to engage both the rational and intuitive sides of your brain.


How do you create personal brands that result in a corporate leadership? The solution is really very simple – Stop creating ads, start creating worlds!


Discover and develop your brand story. Distill the ones that resonate with your target and then digitize.


Design your visual branding, disclose, and disseminate online and offline. A powerful and memorable story triggers the senses and evokes emotion.


It definitely links and connects the narrator and the listener. It would be great to create stories based on real and imagined experiences. How can storytelling grow your company?


Most people are likely to get attracted to stories and not just information. Stories help people experience and feel life.


Stories practically involved emotions, which is the core of a customer’s decision. How do stories reach beyond the pressure and noise to influence people in a sustained and powerful way?


Humans crave narrative and the use of story is a good response to what your customers have missed from other writers or blog authors. The story builds a narrative for topics that goes deeper and lives longer in a person’s psyche than most any other form of communication.


Why? Because stories linger in your memories. Its impact sometimes gives you hope or create nightmares. It has the ability to make sense of things. Stories are the inevitable expression of who you are.


More and more, the stories are becoming important for communicating to your audience, because most people want interaction and engagement rather than being broadcast or lectured to.


They want to hear your story as they want to be heard of their story too. The world around us is changing and now revolves around social media where the members are the unique and direct storytellers.


It has fundamentally changed the way we think and communicate. We are now a culture that thrives on learning and sharing. Share your story and drive traffic to your blog.


A good video connects with fans, draws them to the website, and keeps them coming back daily for more. You can use repurposing to lessen your time and effort in creating videos.


Repurposing is the technique of converting one form of media into another so you get a broader exposure and more revenue across multiple platforms. The trick is to consider repurposing throughout the production process.


Take the time to experiment. Don’t just stop at one. Be creative and think outside the box. Worry less about polish and more about content.



Stories help you remember and retain events

Stories are easier to remember than sentences. Conveying facts with emotions and feelings allow the audience to better process the information.


Haven’t you realized yet that the strength of the brand depends and is based on the stories that people relate about their experiences and judgments?


About 60% of the company’s value is based on intangibles. Stories have equity. Consumers often times make decision based on and using emotions.


You need to start looking at your content as a whole story and looking at each blog post or article as a part of that whole story, because they just don’t base their decision using the features and attributes of a product.


Never underestimate the power of storytelling and how important it is to develop a content plan. The content plan will help map out your story in each article.


Video is a great way to engage with people, because it is audio-visual, easy to digest, and very sharable across all channels. This is the main reason why telling an awesome story to convert leads into customers has become the norm among online marketers.




How do you include storytelling in your blog?

Storytelling is about explaining complex things to average people. You make it easier for them to understand and remember important things without distorting facts and reality too much.


One technique is to make a summary of the topic you are trying to cover. You can highlight your difficulties, but never get too technical or it will bore average readers.


In the blogosphere, there is an upcoming trend as to the way people respond on viral marketing strategies. They seem to be more attracted to stories, images, videos, and other kinds of visual graphics. This shift started in 2012 during the rise of Pinterest and Instagram.


One study revealed that about 44% are likely to engage on posts with photos than pure text content, which makes sense because visual information is quickly processed by the human brain compared with text content.


Storytelling reaches its highest heights of expression when supplemented with images and videos. You must have noticed, that in Twitter, the tweets with images drive more engagement in all metrics.


Write better stories and make money blogging! You can start by sharing some photos and sharing your experience in a highly intuitive and interactive way. Create an immersive reading experience without overwhelming your audience.


Just like Facebook, you can create a timeline of events to help your readers keep track of your story. People read experiences and share stories they can connect with.


Craft your story in a way it can move your readers emotionally and share your work. Dress up your content with an emotional appeal. Inject the message behind your story.


Telling another person’s story can be an alternative if you cannot think of one of your own. Storytelling is an art you should learn to master before you start promoting your business, products, or services.


Telling your story is necessary to build your brand. If you want people to stay engaged and remember your message, then develop a good brand story and maybe, turn it into a jingle.


Both can effectively stimulate emotions and highly affect the decision making process of any individual. Stories can make people remember you for a long time.


How do you create affective emotional stories? The key is to convert your message into a human story. Give it a narrative structure and simplify a complex subject. Provide value and drive action.


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