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SEO Versus Branded Content: How Do You Make Money Blogging?


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The main problem of most new bloggers nowadays is how to make money blogging without spending much dollars. Why does it matter? Adwords for a blog is definitely a no no. You will be left scratching your head when you find you spent more than what you earned from Adsense.


As what we have discussed in the previous article, a tag cloud may do harm to the functionality of your search engine optimization, unless you make them as “no index” so you appropriately deal with the duplicate tags and content, or in short, spammy keyword stuffing.


The growth of digital advertising and branding has been gaining increasing popularity in the publishing and the lead generation sphere. As you may have noticed, the companies now are becoming the digital publisher themselves.


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They have been pushing on brand familiarity and awareness using innovative content and creative ads such as the banners and videos. However, when it comes to tag clouds, there is a problem with its interference on the SEO functionality.


The “no index” makes sure that the tags in a blog post are not seen as duplicate content. When it is used, the tags aren’t being indexed by the search engines.


The robots will only see the title and the content when they are working to index your blog. The “no index” trick can keep you from getting in the way of SEO scoring and ranking.


For example, if one post has one URL, but many posts have the same tags, the tagged pages could be filled with tags in the tens or hundreds and the blog owner seen as a spammer.


Search engines that find many of these tags will immediately drop the SEO score for the content containing those tags. You would probably feel using the tag cloud can be too much trouble.


There is more than one way to place tags below a post to enhance the content. Tag pages can be managed even after the tags have been marked as “no index”. If a tag is still too much trouble and does not work for you, you can simply remove it.



Ultimately, the effectiveness of the tag cloud can work for you if you can monitor and keep your tag pages diverse, just to ensure that every possible keyword is listed on your blog. This aids the blog being found through multiple searches.


Avoid using duplicate tags in other posts and make sure the blog stays balanced this way. Tagging this way can give your article random keywords for indexing. It should be done methodically and consistently throughout your entire website.


Do not end up in a mess and display your tag cloud at your sidebar. One or two in a post can be good to enhance your search potential, but it doesn’t mean you want to show them all up at once.


Tags are part of your SEO. Make it work for you or just create relevant content if you feel it is a headache and consuming much of your time.



Creative content management

With the audience spending more of their time on digital platforms, the companies are being challenged to innovate traditional advertising to digital advertising, reformat their branding strategy, and use targeted search strategy for better internet exposure.


With the social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, the companies are entering into the exciting new avenue of digital advertising to stay competitive.


The visibility of the brand now largely depends on its editorial and entertainment content where everyone is trying to create strong original content. Content is now fast becoming an important revenue stream for most companies.


One of the studies about consumer marketing reported that at least 45% of the consumers take positive action after reading a highly engaging content. Content nowadays generates leads and revenue for most companies.


Branded content marketing is a skill every social media manager needs to develop, improve the campaign, and produce results. In developing your content, the content of the site should be fresh and different, but still on the same topic.


After publishing the content, a Google + post + Facebook update + Twitter create more leads. Content strategy + product strategy + content marketing have driven brand positioning.



Measuring the quality of your content would mean measuring the relevant sharing and engagement levels including backlinks. The strategy would need a combination of the SEO organic search engine optimization and the social media platforms.


This gives the brand longer life and stability. However, great content may not prosper without the full brand connection. Connecting the content with the brand helps us engage in iconic discussion.


This makes blog advertising a refined theory of targeting natural search with a beautifully crafted content. Develop your brand marketing strategy and generate leads by creating highly searchable, relevant content.


Promoting your business using content marketing just turned you into an SEO expert with the publishing mindset. Building brand awareness and developing relationships with your customers creates an opportunity for a free boost to your online profits.


Sharing content and starting a conversation drives traffic, more sharing, and ultimately purchases. In other words, content gives us more than mere publishing of words.



User engagement

How do you master the fundamentals? How does content marketing evolve? How do you create content that drives traffic?


Any content that we make adds value to consumers, indirectly promotes the brand, directly creates the reputation, and this can happen offline or online. For sharing your voice and showcasing authority or influence, you can always grab the free opportunities offered by the social media sites.


Today, content marketing focuses on creating content that is useful and meaningful to consumers. Content that provides relevant information and proactive solutions.



How familiar are you with user engagement, branding, and content marketing? The three supports each other. You should stop and think about developing a content strategy that offers or initiates audience engagement.


To achieve success, companies nowadays realized the need to engage consumers rather than just post messages. However, pop ups are a surefire way to annoy your visitors and turn them away.


Do something that would catch their attention. Build your brand using relevant highly searchable content. This helps you position yourself for long-term sustainable growth.


Your content, messages, and other activities should consistently communicate your brand image and promise. Mixing up messages just confuses your prospects and makes them turn away from your brand.


Look at places where you can always meet their expectations in every interaction. If you do care about your consumers’ expectations and user engagement, then start building your brand by consistently building content that communicates your brand promise.


This leaves you with no or so little monetary investment. Your content is critical to meeting the buying behavior of your consumers.


Most people get information about products and services online before buying anything. Reviews and referrals have created an important benefit in influencing the buying behavior of the consumers.


They can always find opinions and participate in online conversations free of cost and with less effort. The trick is to represent your business in the online space, but monitor your web conversations across the internet to ensure they accurately reflect your brand, product, or service.


Content can serve many goals, but customer engagement is always at least an immediate goal in developing a content plan. This is about being relevant and how you structure your topics and posts online.


Remember, this is not about the content you have, but about the content that would help engage the people you would love to keep and communicate or the group of individuals you want to help find solutions to their problems.


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