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Breaking traffic strategies for your website – best simplified organic search engine optimization tips


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Link anchor text plays a very crucial role to the value of your inbound links. This means that you need to control the anchor text of your backlinks carefully for best results. It is difficult to try to increase your targeted traffic without knowing the level of competition, local search volume, and the global search volume of the keywords you are using as anchor text. In this instance, you may use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool as your keyword suggestion tool because it is free. The keyword research and selection is crucial to your organic search engine optimization.

Let us make an online jewelry shop selling diamonds for engagement rings as our model website. Leverage the suggestions generated from the tool when performing your backlinking works. One reason for this is to try using several variations of the anchor text throughout your SEO backlinking works and not to limit your process to promoting just one type of anchor text. Sometimes, maintaining the same inbound links all throughout your backlinking campaign will make the search engines suspicious whenever your site achieves too many backlinks in a specific period of time.

Anchor text variations

Another reason for picking several variations of your backlinks is to achieve as many traffic as possible because of the different keywords combinations. Please remember that you have both your targeted traffic and search engines to hit for your keywords selection and strategic combination. Try to browse popular authoritative sites and use their most popular anchor text keywords combinations, as these anchor texts hold the greatest value for these sites inbound links. Take a look at the following combinations

Anchor                                                   URL

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Now that you know how to select the right combination for your inbound links, you need to handle internal links the same way. You may have notice the “click here”, “next page”, and the “read more” in several websites. Please do not use this anymore but find some creative combinations or used semantically related anchor text.

Age of web page and domain name selection

Web pages gain greater trust as they age for certain niche topics and websites. This may not be the same with the kind of freshness boost gained by message boards and forums. As a general guideline, you need to have at least 200 words per page. If you use keywords in your domain name and it show as an exact or partial match to a search query, you have all possibility to be listed on the first page of SERPS. With Google, you will receive preferential treatment if you use keyword matching domains. If you purchase the right domain names, you already won half of your battle in achieving niche keywords. Furthermore, adding an index page with rich keywords related to your niche will make you win the battle for SERPS positioning within a short time.

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