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Building your internet presence using social media sites


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Social media sites are the hottest trend today for organic search engine optimization backlinking. In some industries, they are a good way to generate leads such as Facebook fan page. However, for some niches, it is just pure backlinking help.
Why do search engines love the social media sites now? As you can see, social media sites involve people of the same interest and common links of friendship who come together, form a community, share pictures and thoughts, and discuss various topics online. There is an obvious interaction between friends and contacts that one cannot find in other websites except forums. Social media sites differ from forums for the fact that more emotions and caring are involve here because of the sharing process.

Major search engines are keen nowadays with community and people sharing within certain groups or social media sites. How do you market your products? How do you promote your products? SEO is a requirement for even SMEs nowadays because people have migrated from the physical world to the convenience of the virtual world that sometimes comes with free delivery offers. Internet marketing needs SEO and one part of it is using the social media sites.

Is a great looking website enough?

No, you know the answer to that. What is behind the looks is important in maintaining your traffic. This would mean looking through fast loading pages, navigation, background color, and most of all, content. You need your site to stand out and get the attention of major search engines, such as the Google, Excite, Yahoo, Web Crawler, Ask, Bing, MSN, Inktomi, Infoseek, and Lycos. Visitors may appreciate aesthetics but it needs to target the preferences of your target market. The best way is to have a plain white background and black text font color.

What is the relationship of social media sites to SEO and search engines robots?

Search engines use algorithm to process multiple and large information that their robots have indexed and collected across time over the internet. The algorithm serves to filter, organize, and categorize websites. The category will best determine relevance of the website to the search terms or keywords used by potential customers.

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SEO with social media sites is effective for backlinking and keeping variety of audience that would potentially visit your landing page and buy your products. Crawlers often visit these pages and collect information to be stored in their databases and use later to match search terms or keyword searches. The social media sites coding and backend makes this concept possible.

The role of social media sites to your SEO

To get listed with search engines, there are specific factors that you may want to consider such as the length of your domain’s existence, the sites that you have been listed or associated with, and a lot of other factors. Social media sites could give you the internet presence that you wish to achieve while working your way up with the search engines. SEO is not easy because it is not easy to be on top of the SERPS. You get the attention, the clicks, and the discussion from social media sites. However, you need to be ready to spend a bit of time for this to be able to maintain the enthusiasm and the flow of the discussion.

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