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Call from an American Enterpreneur


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Yesterday, I had the time of my life. After a 5 hour discussion with an entrepreneur from US, another American entrepreneur called me to my mobile phone. It was an unexpected call. He is here in the Philippines right now at the Bicol Region and came to read one of my website advertisements. Actually, he is trying to get a market, let us say trying to determine the potential of the Philippines market for the software. The software is for internet marketers.

He said that he had spoken to Universities here in the Philippines and was talking about SEO and Internet Marketing but no one in the crowd fully understood him and the topic. He was amazed that Filipinos only consider computer for research about school works and internet for chats. OMIGOD, I was laughing. Yes, I said that is the point. There is a large market but it would take a lot of efforts to educate people whose interest are not the same as yours ha ha.

He actually browse websites and made a research for writing services that also advertise about organic search engine optimization. Maybe he was amazed why nobody understood him. ha ha ha this is soooo funnyyyyyy. I could understand that because when I started my business every one was skeptical about article writing and making money blogging and writing academic essays on the internet. They do not understand the power of the internet. Well, I had my share of the experience. To make the story short, he was surprise to find a lady, a Filipina rather writing about organic search engine optimization SEO and running a search engine optimization SEO writing services business.

I just told him, “I never knew anything about all this before at all. I did my share of the work… research… research… research… experiment…. observing the traffic… let us say one thing leads to another and I can smell the behavior of the consumers right to my very nose.” You need to have the passion and the interest to succeed. Failure comes from never getting up when you see that something did not work in the experiment. And I had been writing, observing the market behavior of the niche products I am interested, and experimenting since 2006. The very day I started writing online, I sense something is in here for me.

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To make this story short, he cannot hold himself to tell me how impressed he was with my knowledge. He called me just to tell me that ha ha ha. Hey thank you. You are welcome to call anytime and share the URL or landing page of your software. The software launching would be a month from now. Let us see what help it could give to internet marketers, might as well write a product review later.

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