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Catch A Dollar Using SEO For Top SERPs Strategy


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build high quality backlinksThe SEO for top SERPs requires comprehensive knowledge about search engine algorithms, robots and crawlers’ behaviors, keyword search terms of your target market, and the website analytics you are going to use in your internet marketing plan. These elements should align with your goals as well as respond to your issues concerning website optimization.


You need to develop a very targeted online search engine optimization technique as your primary step to achieving your goals. Your SEO strategy is crucial to the success of your campaign. Although several free tools are available in the internet to help you optimize your landing page, you need to develop a consistent plan for your niche specific article writing strategy, content management, and landing page layout.


What type of search engine are you going to target for your website optimization?

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Have you even thought about this? It is common knowledge that the success of your organic search engine optimization largely depends on how well you manipulate traffic and drives them to your landing page. The two most important parts are building a network of links and publishing or posting new original website content.


Link building and content marketing are very important in building up your traffic and page ranking. Love it or hate it, but that is the way of life on the internet. You need to be consistent in publishing free information for your audience. Sharing of information depends on how well you know about your target market behavior. Invest enough resources and let your content support SEO top SERPs positioning.


Your internet presence specifically your branding strategy depends on how well you built your internet presence and of course, on the quality of your content. In your website optimization plan, you need to identify which search engine you would like to optimize. Of course, you would want to optimize all. Each has its own requirements and set of algorithms.


Improve your website visibility and identify the type of search you are going to develop first for your strategic landing page optimization plan. You can choose from image search, articles search, vertical search, and video search. Posting and writing blogs without a plan would waste your entire effort and gain less traffic. I have been blogging since 2006 and yes, I can vouch for the stress you are facing right now.



Gain high quality links

A blogger outreach is one way to do this. Google loves relevant, high quality links, but you need to earn this through relationship building with bloggers and the social media networks, such as the Google Plus, LinkedIn, and the Twitter.


Matt Cutts about linkbuildingBacklinks with high quality serve as the backbone of your SEO top SERPs positioning. Sharing well-written articles and maintaining a blog can help you build links. With the appropriate titles and author bio, you will ultimately get noticed by the search engines. Earn your links naturally to avoid penalty.


Why is there a need to build worthy and relevant links?

  • Popularity
  • Good site evaluation
  • Search engine algorithm is related to link related factors
  • Page ranking based on the popularity of pages linking back to your site
  • Builds trust and authority
  • Builds your brand
  • Links serve to identify expert documents on a specific topic


Global popularity is important in gaining trust. However, this starts with the type of content you are publishing on your site. Just take the case of the Wikipedia. It has thousands diverse sites linking back to it. You need to examine how well they structure their content, layout, and share information.



Anchor text is important in your link building strategy. You need to determine the keywords you are going to use to point to your specific page before you start your link building. With the use of a targeted phrase, the probability of raising your page ranking is high. The best way to do this is to share through social media channels. It is important you continue to earn additional links over time and the best way to do it is the social media.


In particular, Google has been incorporating the Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Facebook in its search results. The tweets have the potential power to make a shift upward. You can expand your global reach through your social circles and make sure your content is being immersed and shared within the group.


The most important concept in building links is to get the other websites to link to you and to have your content shared with reference to your site. You can ask people you know to link to your site. You can submit your site to directories and submit news to press release services. Link building takes a long time, great resources of copywriters, and the reviews that people write about your product or brand.



Relationship building

You can develop your content promotion network without them knowing they are actually becoming a part of it. There is such a term as prereciprocation from relationships to links. This results in a steady flow of high value inbound links. Good reciprocation and relationship building includes bloggers, reporters, forum posters, and influencers.


One technique is to look for sites and individuals with established authority. Prereciprocation can be done by promoting the best content of others. Link out to appropriate content, even if they came from your competitors.


Linking out to influencers can make your audience see and trust you as an expert curator of your industry’s content. Expect nothing in return out of the links. This is one area of promotion that sometimes get reciprocated. It’s a lot of work. It takes time to roll. However, this genuinely impacts your probability of increasing highly linkable content.


Create content that would get your readers to think and share. If you can create a content where they can also benefit by promoting it, the better it would be. You can also create a content that promotes your customers.


Consider opening your blog as a platform of content placement of experts who want to use your blog as a place to reach a new audience. They would likely help promote your content for you.


Try to engage and create a forum like engagement on your page. The stronger your forum, the farther your content will go. This requires you to dedicate at least an hour a day to curate content and dedicate time for the distribution.


Link distribution network

This is something that grows gradually. You publish new content, conduct outreach for it, and then qualify new link prospects. You can start with your blog and then go to Twitter and Facebook. This should not be taken lightly. You need the proper resources to promote and build your link distribution network.



The network grows organically. It also develops its own linkable channel. This means that you organically acquire new links as you launch new channels. Demonstrate your expertise and add your own unique value and voice to the content and of the conversation. Concentrate on your content headlines or titles. You can try the following tactics

  • Article
  • Book
  • Video
  • Podcast
  • PDF




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