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Catchy targeted writing style for larger traffic | Blog And Earn
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Catchy targeted writing style for larger traffic


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Traffic is one good thing to earn more. How do you maximize traffic? What kind of organic search engine optimization should you use to become successful?

Traffic is a good thing to increase your profits. Learn from your experience on the road getting stuck with traffic. You definitely would want the best way to get out of the traffic congestion. Now, how do you drive traffic to your website? How do you figure out driving traffic to your articles?

Ezine article writing and mood

The best way is to follow your lead. I do not mean your niche lead. What I mean with this follow your lead is to follow your mood. How do you feel about writing today? How do you want to write your article today? Follow your mood and do not follow traditional style of writing because you think it is appropriate. Remember, you have your own unique way of writing. If you feel you can do it better using another technique, then just do it. Write and follow your lead.

Article writing and keywords

Capture your audience with your title first. It is good to put keywords on titles. However, if you put keywords and it made the title unattractive, then do not force issues really putting keywords and outdo creativity. Sometimes, you need to let go of the title keyword issue. Get it out and make attractive headers or subsections. The best way is to put the keywords after the title like a header. Do it with a style. What makes an article sound like a trying hard copy cat? When you force the issue of keywords on titles and within the content that makes it sound funny and not convincing, it looks as if you copied the article. Sometimes, customers would send keywords that are already wrong grammar. If you want to write in another way to get hold of your audience, then do it. As long as you do not hurt other websites with your content, then you are free to write what you think would make you feel good. Have you ever wondered why my new website Shop Save Freebies gathered bigger traffic in 2 weeks? I just write how I want to express my thoughts.

There are times I care about what people may think. Take it from me. As long as you feel good after posting your article, you are good to go. You will generate huge traffic out of it. People actually love my writing style there. When I write, I do not think about what kind of traffic it would create. I write how I like it to appear and just do what I enjoy most – selecting the right phrases that would express myself well.

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Ezine article writing style – write what you feel

People tend to follow the writing styles of other people. What is worst is when they copy and paste content. Do not do this. Write your thoughts and get creative. Your audience does not always follow the rules in writing when reading your articles. They read because they find it amusing and useful.

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