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Make Money Blogging Simply Doing Content Marketing


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content marketing make money bloggingMaking money blogging is easier when you know how to write informative, highly searchable content. Content marketing is a profitable medium, which would generate enough money to help you pay your rent or even pay your college tuition fee. Many bloggers are now making money online by blogging full time.


It is possible to make a living by blogging, but I must tell you that this is not an easy get rich scheme. If you are just starting, you better aim high, work harder, give more time on research about related trends and topics, and most of all, set your expectations right! The traditional marketing is becoming less effective, which is one reason why you should engage your audience through content marketing.


What exactly is content marketing? Content marketing is the art of engaging and building up the interest of your customers by strategically creating valuable, relevant content at the right time across your marketing channels. You should clearly define your target audience first and understand their needs before you can drive a profitable customer action.

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Definitely, you can never improve a relationship or engage your customers if you simply bombard them with more and more content each day. Learn how to manage your content and the message you are distributing because it will greatly affect your brand. Always send relevant information to the right audience at the right time!


What is the purpose of content marketing?

The concept of content marketing does not go around simply blogging any topic you like to talk and share with your audience. The messages in content marketing are wholly dedicated to a specific audience. The purpose of sending them highly informative, valuable content is to increase their interest, retain their loyalty, meet their needs, and find solutions to their problems.


You can consistently curate relevant content on the internet with the intention of helping them find what they need. This process should be consistent and the content should be focused on engagement. The ongoing effort and your messages should be distributed across all your marketing channels.


Engagement is very important if you want to earn more and increase your revenue. Content marketing is an art of communicating and engaging your customers without selling, but it should be good enough to change consumer behavior. Instead of pitching or marketing your product or service, you deliver content that deals with information and create well-informed, intelligent customers who will reward you with their business and loyalty.



Where do you get topics for your content marketing?

To stand out from the rest of the noise and the garbage, you need to deliver highly searchable content of good quality and relevance. The most important factor in content marketing is to realize that your published content is one of your biggest assets and should be managed efficiently and effectively. After all, at least 27 million content pieces are being shared by individuals and internet marketers every day.


Managing your digital assets, especially your content is the same as managing your money. You should be able to carefully and intelligently manage your digital content, know how to best use it, and know how much you have. Don’t you know that nearly half of the content links shared by the marketing executives on Twitter are coming from media sources?


content-marketing-2Most of the content on Twitter are news, strategy focused, broad business issues that are currently trending. You should know that creating banner ads, Livestream radio ads, and TV ads are not that effective anymore. Today, you should learn how to connect with customers and this means creating content that could impact your SEO (based on keywords) before optimizing your content for content marketing (socializing through social networks).


This gives you more branding and market positioning edge, helps you get found in Google search engines easily, lets you generate trusted backlinks in a non-spamming way, and efficiently engages your customers without much effort. You can discover relevant content on Twitter, Google Plus, Storify, Feedly, LinkedIn, Pulse by LinkedIn, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, Slideshare, Journals, Tabooka, Outbrain, and many others.


You need to learn to curate the content you find by reading the full content, understand it, and then get at least 2 to 3 sentences or ideas. Curate by rephrasing these sentences or ideas. Improve your overall results by selecting your ideas or content carefully.


content-marketing-1What could a lot of poor content do to your web presence and brand? It can just damage your reputation. Each article of your blog should be substantial and well thought out to impact your customers and the wider web community. While in-depth articles can showcase your expertise, if you want to get remembered easily, put some humor in it and you win brand awareness.


Besides the substance of your content, you need to bring life on the conversation and start to write later to engage your customers. This gives you more potential for real, personalized conversations, which is one of the most important part and one of the most difficult challenges in optimizing your content. The key is enhancing your customers’ user experience. Make as much as possible an interconnected content from your blog to your PR news channels and the social media channels.



Managing content marketing

Content marketing has fundamentally revolutionized marketing. Content has helped many businesses build their internet presence and reach out to numerous unlimited audience. Getting new clients is an old never ending dilemma among internet marketers, not to mention that it is getting tougher each new method you try. Somehow the cost of advertising does not justify the kind of responses it has generated.


In a tough competitive market, you need to think of your content if it is delivering all the leads you need to keep ahead or even survive. Create a highly searchable content with useful information. Get your message across clearly without much overt sales messages. Understand your customers and create relevant content just for them.


content marketing bloggingTo make it short, you should learn to freely give away valuable information that is of value to your audience. Don’t make it a goal to just please the search engines, but genuinely share well-produced and useful content that could set your blog apart from the crowd. All of the successful companies have used valuable content as the heart of their marketing strategy.


How do you earn from content marketing?

Business entrepreneurs that may come across your blog will always get amazed by the way you build your content. They may opt to sponsor your blog, place an ad, or pay you to write content for their marketing campaigns or blogs. Having valuable material encourages your audience to click on your sponsored ads.


Aim to create a happy reader. A happy reader tends to share your content, thereby increasing your traffic and potential earnings. Experiment with as many income streams as possible. Augment your income stream by experimenting with as many topics as possible to see what works best for you.


Every blog is unique and it does not generate the same income as they did with others. The most common is the Google Adsense. You can place the code on your sidebar or anywhere within the post. Presentation is everything. Make sure you do not overlook the user experience when you strategically place your codes.


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