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The art and science of creating a content that generates passive income stream depends on how you write and organize your content so you can make money blogging. Your content is pointless if you are not converting your visitors to sales. Don’t panic. It is okay, because creating a content that converts like crazy were never really explained to marketers.


The secret to effective content marketing is creating articles or publications that are relevant and useful to your readers. Picking the right topic and using your creativity to make it sound interesting can optimize conversions.


So, how can you hook your readers and steal their 3 second attention? A captivating headline can do the trick, just like a good woman’s body shape can captivate a man.


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Many content go viral while some got lost along the way down to the drain of Google Archives. You can get ideas from the influencer’s blog. Learn the trick and grow your traffic.


Here is the most challenging part. Optimize your copy like you would for a landing page. I bet you would say, OMG, nah, I will just blog for a 250 word post. Seriously?


The secret to web page optimization is to write your article as if your life depends on it. Sticking to the fundamentals of discussing any topic with gusto can make it sound interesting. Provide a consistent experience of readership.


Don’t try to bore your audience. Give the user experience a little lift. Focus the visitors’ attention with a clear headline, but make sure your headline truly reflects what the blog post is all about.


Remove the clutter and ease up your navigation to avoid competing information. Do not place too much Adsense ads within the content. People who earn more are only those who place one Adsense within the content.


With the right content and good conversion experience, your visitors are compelled to pay attention and ultimately interact with your Call To Action (CTA), in this case because you are a new blogger, your Adsense.


One way to get them clicking is to lessen the interactive elements on the blog post. The more stuff you place, the more each piece of stimulation competes for the attention.


If you can closely look at the landing page, the messaging is tightly related to the campaign goal and has only one interactive element, which is the CTA. Can you do this on your blog?


I think what you need is discipline not to place too many ads within the content. You must have observed that I only place one Adsense in the sidebar and one within the content.


Make everything simple. Too many ads steal each piece’ attention and it complicates things having to decide which one to click first.



What kind of content should you write?

Good films are really about just a story, which is the same element that business writers and advertisers construct every day. However, they are not limited to text-based content. Keep in mind that Content Is King, and it is the main key to a successful blog.


How can you make your content interesting and pursue your career as a blogger and freelancer online? The idea really is to make your videos and blog posts more interesting through storytelling.


We all know that content rules. To attract your audience, you need to develop a distinct point of view. A voice that would help the audience identify your engaging narrative.


Content is not all about teaching. You can tell a story about your experience or the experience of other people. Discover the power of storytelling and how it can easily go viral across the internet.


You can do better than anyone else only if you are persistent and patient. I guess this makes you look excitedly at your cents now and waiting for it to grow.




Grow your social media presence

You have an enormous opportunity to create awareness about your brand by engaging directly with your existing and potential customers through the online platforms of Facebook, Twitter, or even your blog.


Whether your goal is for brand awareness, lead generation, reputation management, or SEO, you need content marketing to increase your website conversion and sales.


With social media, you can create more customers, drive more traffic, while you keep the ones you’ve already earned. You need content to drive social media and you need social media to drive visitors.


Your blog can be turned into a content hub as long you keep on writing relevant content. It is the key component of your marketing strategy.


Make sure you have the resources you need and understand how you are going to deliver and communicate your ideas. Align your efforts and consider what messages are appropriate for each social media channel.


What can be the appropriate tone for the channel? Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, GPlus, LinkedIn? It is a smart move to understand how you are going to communicate with the members of each channel. LinkedIn is totally different from Facebook.



Let them come to you

Produce great content and they will come to you, share your story, and also disseminate your message for you. Writing great stories and content gives you the opportunity to have your customers tell your story for you.


This is already word of mouth and at the same time, referral for you. Content only rules if you produce highly searchable relevant content that is authentic and customer focused.


Make your blog a one stop resource of information that people care about. Connect online, establish credibility, and build a loyal customer base. Content is the cornerstone of your marketing efforts.


Social media and content marketing go hand in hand and truly complement each other nicely. Social media is the vehicle that drives your content where you want in to go.


Leverage on the power of social media to take your content marketing efforts forward. Amplify your voice and create a social media plan as your roadmap.


In different media, you should know how to respond to these questions and deliver the content they expect you to provide

  • What are my readers pain points?
  • What type of content does my audience consume on social sites?
  • What kind of results do I want and how do I measure those results?


Filling up with the right fuel ensures your vehicle doesn’t break down a mile down the road. This means you should make sure to engage your audience with the right kind of content at the right time.



Be a bit emotional

Connect with your readers intelligently and emotionally. Place yourself in your customer’s shoes and adapt their thoughts, feelings, and needs.


One good way to engage your readers is to create a content that motivates and stimulates emotions. Work on optimizing your content and tap on your social media audience for insights and content ideas.


Use emotions when writing your content to cut through the heart of your conversions. The objective of writing a content is to encourage and stimulate desire.


This means you need a close review of your articles, make a content plan, and then rewrite them as you would write a copy for a landing page. Having the proper tunage is a must have for any lengthy road trip.


Do you want more exposure for your content? Engage your audience and discover which social media network is right for investing your time. Create the experience for your audience and discover the ways about how to specifically do it.



Tips about how to write your blog post

The website that has more engaging content wins. Content is survival while advertising is a luxury. Frequent and regular contact through content builds relationship.


You are able to build momentum if you get your brand story straight. Insight inspires originality.


Your content should be created with the intent to communicate your brand mission and values by speaking the language of your customers. As much as possible, do not recycle content.


Your content should share a resource that solves a problem and in any other way that resonates best with them, such as improving their lives or helping them do a much better job.


Good content does not sell but creates value and positions you as a reliable resource. Relevance is important when writing to drive conversions.


Your content should genuinely appeal to the needs of your readers, which most likely ends up in a conversion. A great content reduces the anxiety of the readers and clarifies certain issues.


It should educate your readers. Your content should be curated from credible sources. Empathize and you gain loyalty and trust.



Questions to answer before creating your content

  • What is your purpose in creating the content?
  • Who is your intended audience?
  • What do you want to achieve through the shared information?
  • How are you going to develop the content?
  • Where are you going to publish the content?



Eliminate distractions by focusing only on one question and one topic at a time. Confusions are caused by talking too many topics in one post.


You can share an experience, share the experience of others, give an advice, tell a story, and write about educational or informative topics but never combine your blog with a sales pitch.


Promote your business using the side banner. The sales pitch is often considered as spammy content and people never read them anymore.


Your first goal in creating a content should be brand awareness because these are the kind of content that create leads and generate sales.


One technique is to start with your headline. Create an intriguing headline that builds interest. It should be simple, powerful, and direct but somewhat controversial.


If you can make a sensational headline, then make sure it is relevant to your topic and the content meets the expectation of the readers.


If you want to grow your blog traffic, you have to fully embrace social media content marketing. Achieve tremendous success simply writing your thoughts.


In a world of stiff competition, just being a good content will no longer work. You must continue creating above average content and find ways to make your audience perceive its value.


Think like a publisher. Use your content to market your ideas or blog online and in social media.


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