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Convert Targeted Traffic Through SEO Content Marketing


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SEO content marketing can actually help you make money blogging online more than you can imagine. You just have to do it right. SEO content marketing has the power to convert targeted traffic and build a large following of your blog.


SEO and content marketing are best friends. SEO makes demands while content marketing fulfills those demands. The two complement each other to give you the kind of money making machine you want to maintain for a long time online.


SEO demands content to work efficiently and content marketing is the content that makes it work effectively. The application of SEO is the substance of the other.


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SEO demands backlinks, while the content marketing introduces the backlinks. The best way to build links is publishing great content.


You can attract and engage more customers, which includes building links, by integrating SEO, social media, and content marketing. The search engines are looking to constantly improve search quality and user experience.


How a content is discovered, indexed, and sorted in search results as well as what external signals are considered to determine authority, can ultimately change your life, and help you earn money from your blog.


Google handles a staggering 11 billion queries a month, but did you know Twitter delivers more than 350 billion tweets each day? Creating experiences that are easily discovered through search or social media and continuously evaluating what works and what doesn’t can help fuel the most critical aspects of an effective editorial, optimization, and social media marketing effort.


Whatever can be searched can be optimized – that is the positive insight about SEO. Content is king – that is the best known weapon of content marketing.


Content marketing is an SEO top SERPs positioning strategy that successfully addresses the needs of the customer. Your content can shape and create your unique brand voice and identity online and offline, including answering the questions of your customers.


Content and SEO are the perfect couple that can make your job easier in connecting with brands for blog advertising and your target audience. You need to connect to earn money in a flick of a finger or a click of a mouse.


Understanding the search results landscape for a specific target keyword phrase should be considered for a start so you know how to allocate content creation and keyword optimization resources. Keep in mind the need for on-page optimization is for you to improve the marketing performance of each content.


Marketing online using a blog is a must have and should be done on an ongoing basis because it provides a high search quality relevant content that drives profitable customer interactions. It simply speaks about the customer’s interests and answers their inquiries directly.


Sometimes, the content became the ad or the media promotion itself, which sometimes compete with the other online publications. Making money blogging isn’t. Just think like a publisher.



How do you use content to market online and in social media? Instead of advertising, you should write content for publishing. It means being there when your potential customers are searching for information for a purchase decision.


Content has the power to shape and create a brand voice and identity. It is a must have on an ongoing basis. It means creating an article that is so informative, valuable, and compelling that can positively affect the lives of your readers.


Your blog should become the expert resource for your audience. Through great and consistent content, you can position yourself as an expert in your industry and in the process, become a true resource for what they need.


Isn’t that wonderful? Imagine the clicks.



Social media content distribution

Companies have been distributing content in many ways to attract business. However, most of their copies were created using a selling tone.


In the context of blog advertising, the content explains more about the product itself. This means giving away free useful information your audience can use to answer a particular need.


The compelling and engaging, sometimes entertaining, information is in another way, selling the product itself. This free SEO blog marketing is simply referred to as the marketing of attraction.


You attract customers by publishing valuable content on your blog. Prospects come to you rather than the other way around. Of course, this is the greatest advantage in developing and planning your website content.


Your published content should create value and help people. It is a resource that provides foundational information and educates customers and readers. Your article is what captures eyeballs, ears, attention, and engagement.


Describing it in a four letter word, your blog is a bait. Some of the digital channels where you can leverage content are your website, blog, eBooks, YouTube, and the social media. These channels actually reduce your hard cost barriers in marketing your product.



The technique is to create and market a very compelling content. Blogging is one way you can help your customers choose which product to buy. In short, you help them make a very informed product decision.


The content sparks customer engagement, reinforces an existing relationship, inspires upselling, and creates referrals. Try joining the microblogging sites for this purpose. Write, tweet, and disseminate information.


Having a blog does not mean merely updating your content. It means strategically updating your published articles to build a following for better sales conversion.


It is imperative you build content for both humans and robots. Delighting the users has always worked pretty well. Without some text on a page, it is very difficult to show search engines what a page is all about.


Google Panda targets thin content and looks for more robust signals that the content is relevant, unique, and valuable to users. It is an ongoing algorithmic check run by Google to target new thin content.


Google Penguin has been designed to target unnatural links, such as links from directories and links that webmasters had surreptitiously paid for. Its major upheaval was the keyword rich anchor text in inbound links as an indicator of quality.


When building your content and interlinking your content, you should be relevant, especially the anchor text. Google is an asset you can use to sell ads. Just be compliant and everything would be fine!


Google will do everything to make sure its market finds what they’re looking for. The company has the right algorithm to discern what users want when they search and which pages do not fulfill those needs.



How do you develop your content?

SEO and content management should really focus more on the customer and the user experience. If you create a spam content, this junk can remove the economic and brand value of your name.


Great content works better in a lot of niche. It is the arena for building a big SEO success story. If your main offering is quality content – you are not an SEO, you are a writer.



Content infrastructure optimization

The SEO content strategy is a strategy handed down to a content writer. How do you build the perfectly optimized page? The SEO starter guide with Google will always tell you to understand the type of information and the way the target market wants it.


This would mean exploring the potential of the social media channels for your type of business niche and try to get a good view of your content infrastructure.


If you do this right, your website content development strategy will result in more business profits. If you do not have goals in your content marketing, then please do not expect your customers to figure it out.


Most visitors will just press the back button and get out of your site. At least stop broadcasting or talking. Your effort would just be wasted.


The focus here is purely customer engagement. This will never happen if you do not create a conversation that encourages interaction and sparks customer engagement.


First and foremost, make it a goal to perform some research and define your brand as well as set up the metrics concerning the experience your customers should have with your product, service, or information channels such as the blog.


You can define a good definition of your brand for reputation building, incorporate the tactic in your blog, and as a result, maintain brand loyalty. Try not to sell and pitch in unless it is a landing page or marketing page.


Just educate your customers and see how it works in an amazing way to sales conversion. Blogs can help your business grow organically.


If your content does not provide any means of encouragement for your prospects to grow and succeed, then I guess you need to reevaluate your blog. Always think about the purpose of your content.


A compelling message could change your customers’ lives for the better. Constant testing and refinement could be a better idea to help you kick start the process.


The best tactic in tweeting is to write a compelling, informative content that would be appealing to your unique audience, influence the influencers, and attract others within the network. You can actually beat the competition and stop chasing your prospects.


You should know better that the primary intention of going deep into content marketing is to create customers and not just close sales. Remember that the best way to gain the trust and interest of your customers is to

  • Educate
  • Engage
  • Entertain


One thing for sure, you need to define and develop the kind of information your content is going to provide. Before, when I started my blog, I used to put just any content. Now, I know better what to provide for my kind of audience.


If you are still starting and are mixing personal content, that is okay, just let out your thoughts and emotions. Soon, you will learn how to determine what makes your audience tick.


Logically, personal content has nothing to do with your business niche. You just make it a bit difficult for the robots to classify your blog or website. If you are trying to be on top of the SERPs, then create pure relevant content.



What part of your content do you optimize?

First is the title. The most important part is the title which should have some on-page keyword elements. Using the keyword or search phrase gives the highest correlation with high rankings.


Second is the meta description. This is an important place to target term/ phrase due to the bolding that occurs in the visual snippet of the search results. This has been proven to boost click through rates.


Third is the meta keywords. The meta keyword tag is good for ranking and discovery.


Your content should not waste the time of your customers. The essence of content development is not just knowing and broadcasting the primary features of your products, but also, in most times, understanding and meeting the needs of your customers.


Do not send irrelevant promotions or spam your blog with ads. The content should in another way create a need of what you are selling and not just convince people to buy a product or service they may not even need.


Some content is long and repetitively discusses the same topic. Never drown your customers by making them read a very long, repetitive content.


Try to leverage on the content that you produce. The key to content marketing is to learn how you can engage your target audience and create a beneficial loyal relationship.


Build your brand from your content. One best way to generate more leads with content marketing is branding and reputation building. You must build a consistent theme for each piece of blog post you have.


This strategy should evolve continuously in the same way technology evolves around people. Try to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing.


Simply captivate your audience and capitalize on each opportunity. Do not wait for the right opportunity. Create it.



How do you create opportunities for engagement?

Create a compelling content that could turn your visitors into loyal customers. Direct advertising rarely gets enough response nowadays.


If you think of the considerable cost you are spending on advertising media, then you would probably think it just appropriate to build your brand and reputation by disseminating valuable content.


Recent research in the digital news finds that 86% of the people watching television skip television commercials by simply going to another channel and for people who are visiting websites in the age range of 25 to 34 year olds are even clicking the back button out of the website because of irrelevant pop outs and intrusive ads.


Make your content generate leads for your business, but never do anything to drive them out. Do not waste on unnatural, manipulative efforts that won’t work.


Google has taught us how to best reach our target audience, which is developing the appropriate relevant content and building your authority.


In other words, you should deal more with information, branding, and reputation management and as a result, gain better SERPs positioning and page ranking.


Today, you see some companies winning and making good profits from leads gained through their stream of content marketing. With a step-by-step plan, you can get moving forward.


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