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How To Create A Compelling Video And Make Money Blogging?


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make money blogging create compelling videoA good video can boost your marketing campaign, compel viewers to do some action, helps you connect with your viewers emotionally, and helps you make money blogging online. The viewer needs to gain a solid understanding of your value proposition, which is one of the reasons they would want to revisit your site and read more of your articles or buy again from you. The first thing you need to ask yourself is if you had offered any objective solution that can help solve your viewer’s problem.


Without a clear message, your video would be ineffective for marketing. A compelling message could be translated into an entertaining and compelling video production. Video marketing is an awesome way to attract visitors and make them stay longer. If you create a video that is interesting enough for social sharing, then you can easily become viral and increase your website traffic.


Identifying and creating the value proposition

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The first thing to remember when making a video is that it is not all about you. Most marketing campaign fails because they did not consider the mindset of the prospective viewers. You would be very effective in creating an emotional connection if your viewer sees your video, find a solution to their pain, and exclaims, “that’s me!”


With them in mind, they would respond positively to your call to action. Make sure your audience can identify themselves in your video. Before planning the actor, dialogue, set, and location, you need to consider the description of the pain you would be able to solve for your target audience.


You need to let your viewers see that you clearly understand who they are and why they care about what you have to say. Understand your customer base and create targeted, more relevant content. One of the advantages of video blogging over the text based blogging is that it can effectively grab the attention of your visitors. Most people are more excited with the dynamic content of a video rather than a written post.



Offering a perfect solution

The best way to offer the perfect solution without pushing your brand and getting into any sales script is by blogging. One good benefit of the video is that you have the ability to show rather than tell people how to solve their problems. Being objective and honest makes you a part of the solution without selling too soon nor too hard.


make money blogging use youtubeIf you want to create a media that people would watch and emotionally participate in, then start learning how to create compelling stories. When you show some strength and warmth when you communicate and send social signals, people respond to your message. Think about it.


Without a compelling, action driven story, it would be difficult for you to earn and at the same time hold your audience. Reflect for a few moments on how you can introduce some storytelling into your work to make it interesting and remarkable.


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Blogging for profit

This ultimately begins with a long term plan with the motivation and willingness to work hard. You need to learn how to make compelling videos to market your idea, product, or service. The video is a very powerful tool for marketing because it lets you connect at the core.


You can start sharing your thoughts in a conversation format or share your experience with someone else. If you involve someone else, then they are most likely to share the content with others. Your video is a great way to humanize a company. A good example is a video about how to troubleshoot a product, weekly tip video, or an FAQ of your customer service.


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