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Creative SEO writing tips for organic search engine optimization


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What do you need to do to make your website rank highly among search engines? The biggest concern here is the content and the type of information that your content carries and provides for your readers. You need to address the needs of your target audience by analyzing blogs or web contents written by your competitors. Here are some SEO writing tips that you may want to follow during your onsite website optimization

Great titles and headers

Most SEO ezine article writing tips emphasize creating great titles and headers to catch the 8 seconds attention span of your visitors. Attention span is the shortest amount of time that you are able to catch the attention of your visitors without distraction. This means that 8 seconds is the only amount of time that you can catch some attention from your readers without them becoming distracted with other things. You are playing on the short term stimuli responses of your visitors. Create catchy titles and headers to obtain a bit of focus.

Original non-plagiarized articles for effective organic search engine optimization

This is one of the oldest SEO writing tips that most people ignore. Make sure you understand the penalty of copying content from other sites. Do not think that you can perform better when you are doing the very thing that search engines hate – copied content. Make sure that your content is at least 100% or 90% original. Scan your completed article to plagiarism software. There are free plagiarism detectors in the internet.

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Creative writing style, great ezine article writing tone

Some SEO writing tips may forget to mention this but you need to have some sense of creativity when you are writing your articles. Style matters but you need to do it according to your unique personality. This means that you do not have to assume or follow other people’s writing styles to obtain traffic. The result of copying other people’s writing styles would be inconsistency that might further lead to detrimental effects of a “trying hard copycat sound”. Let us say you need to do it with your own unique way of expressing things.

Article submission projects

One of the best SEO writing tips for articles to be used in your article submission projects is to rewrite half of it and then write or insert new ideas for the other half. This would make your article sound new and interesting. Why do you need to make it sound interesting? This is the only way to make your readers click on your backlink or anchor text. If they see that your article looks or sounds the same as the other content found in the internet, then they will not be interested to read the remaining text of your article and won’t be interested to click on your URL too. Understand the SEO writing tips are meant to help you make your readers click the link back to your site.

Good high quality articles will help you rank highly among search engines. If you do not attract the robots first, then you may not be able to generate traffic because you lack internet presence. That is the first thing you need to take care of when doing your organic search engine optimization.

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