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Increase Your Click Through Rates To Make Money Blogging


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An increased click through rates can help you make money blogging. Life can be tough when you deal with low CTRs. An increased traffic can hopefully increase your conversions, but an increased traffic does not mean having high CTRs. You still have to work for it. Improve your traffic and improve your CTR.


The best way to attract the search engines so you appear in the top five of the SERPS is to create a blog. You can do a little SEO for top SERPS positioning by plainly being you, which is all about writing a good content as a simple expression of yourself. Where do you think these social media influencers started?


Develop a solid organic search engine optimization strategy that would soon become a part of your business model. Do not implement anything and then just forget all about it. You have to take note of what you have done and how it has affected your blog’s performance.


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The answer is metrics. The click through rate is a metric that measures the number of clicks you receive on your ads per their number of impressions. The CTR can be calculated using this formula, CTR = Clicks / Impressions. Know if you have a high CTR and low bounce rates to make your every dollar, time, and effort count.


Do you think you have a good idea how to keep your visitors satisfied? How do you plan to enhance their user experience and improve your traffic?


This actually needs a well thought, unique approach to your blogging style or writing style. Stop trying to innovate with your content. Sometimes, it will sound fake and too trying hard that people won’t want to read it anymore.


Improve on what you are already doing with your content. One is the writing style and the lingo. That is where your success lies and where you gain a competitive advantage.



Content writing secrets

Initially, you need to get indexed with the major search engines. How are you going to do that? Your blog is your best tool to get that attention. The best approach is to publish well written articles with creative headlines mixed with keywords.


For top SERPS positioning, creating simply written content with value can be most cost effective. Generate fresh content every day or once a week and the robots will automatically crawl your website as per your schedule. That is what I call training the dogs to crawl on your site.


Incorporate the keywords and just be patient waiting for your website to climb the ladder. Do not give up. It takes a lot of efforts to get even a PR 1 from Google.


Creating an internet strategy that supports top SERPS positioning through content promotion may be slow, but at least, produces realistic results. Focus on content development.


The rule is simple. If you do not want to spend more dollars paying Adwords or other similar advertising platforms, then focus on developing the content of your website by using catchy headlines and creative article writing.


Please keep in mind that you are trying to make money blogging. You cannot do it without the right traffic or people who are really interested in your content.


So, make any visit worth its time, publish useful information on your blog. When you have the right content, they will come!


This may be a time consuming process, but it works wonders and generates better results, because as Google calls it, “Content is King!”



Unrelated topics

One thing that I taught you before is to write anything you want to publish and then try to pick one or two niches. As you go blogging, you would come across a lot of topics that are often not related to the majority of your content. If you can keep your content simple and just focus on one niche for now, that would be lovely.


The reason I am telling you this is because the search engines may have difficulty categorizing your blog. Mixing unrelated topics may confuse the robots in associating your blog with the right category, which can be fatal in defining what your blog is all about.



Write a blog and build your brand

Think of your blog as your brand. Your blog is a powerful tool in building your personal brand. Even if a blog has been created as a personal journal, it can be converted easily into a very powerful business and communication tool.


If it is just a personal journal, you can monetize it by sharing your travel getaways, your services, or tips about anything. My first blog was never meant to be monetized. I just enjoy writing anti aging topics for my own consumption, and when I started sharing, it started to earn also.


With your blog, you can monetize and create a passive income over time. Listen, improve, and repeat. Express your idea in a memorable way and track your progress using the Google Analytics.


You may not create a future. You can create something people need and let them find you. You can get better by identifying trends that were already evolving in the internet that is of course, related to your topic, and build it from there.


Look at what’s in front of you and ignore the horizon. It is too big to manage with a small blog. Great things start from small beginnings. Content management could simply mean looking into its creation, delivery, and marketing.


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