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Designing your website is crucial to your organic search engine optimization success


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First impressions last. If you make a good website design with colors that are friendly to the eyes then your readers will last. What are the things you need to observe when designing a site? Is your website design affecting your organic search engine optimization tactics?

The background color of the text is very important. The text must be clear and visible and not lost in the color of the text background. Nobody would want to read a content that needs lenses to separate and clearly read the text from the background color and design. If readers find that your design and theme hurts the eyes, they will leave your site and go to another eye friendly site. Aesthetics is not that important when it comes to viewer experience, satisfaction, and appreciation.

The best background color is white. It gives a clear view of your content. But if you like another color then do your text background color with very light colors. The text should stand out. I remember making a research and encountered Websites that have very strong colors as the background of their text. I simply click away from the site and go to a much eye friendly site. Dark colors behind the text naturally hurt the eyes.

Your design shall also represent the theme of your Website or your niche product. If it is for girls or teens or ladies there are a lot of Myspace or Blogger designs available in sites like Rockyou or Blingcheese. There are many designs available for you to choose. WordPress themes are also freely flowing in the internet. Look for the one that will suit your company. Most WordPress themes designs and features are created for the professionals and for companies. Take your pick and know how to change designs.

It pays to learn everything on your own. I remember reading other blogs and really envious of how beautiful their sites are. I tried to contact the owners and ask them how they did it. The reply would just be the basic go to your css page and change html. What I need to know is where they got their design. There are many sites providing free themes that you may use for your Blogger or WordPress blogs. The only thing that you need to be aware is the zip file that usually produces broken files. You will encounter more problems later that may seem to be undefined.


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