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Digital Analytics Lesson: Do You Need This To Make Money Blogging?


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Understand what digital measurement means and recognize why digital analytics tools like Google Analytics are important to implement for your business, so you can start to make money blogging online. At present, you cannot deny that we are all living in the new multi-screen age. We all have our moments, and most of those moments came from our very own dramatic interactions with digital technology. Technology has allowed us to act more than what we can do before, and what’s best is that, we are able to connect with other people anywhere, all the time! As a new blogger, I can say that your success, in a big way, depends on this new reality and of this free tool. Start connecting the dots and gain visibility into your customers’ preferences and behaviors.


Take advantage of the full value of digital. It seems that your customers are active everywhere and it really matters you are able to acknowledge and measure all relevant touchpoints. Are you running related marketing efforts across email, display, and search ads? Do you see more customers performing some tasks more frequently on smartphones while other tasks are more common on laptop?


This time you can understand more about the core analysis techniques, market segmentation, and using the internal and external benchmarks to add context to your data. Segmentation allows you to isolate and analyze subsets of your data. This helps you drill down to look at segments and know what caused a change to your aggregated data.


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Watch this video to understand more about the importance of digital analytics in running your new blog




You can learn some of it free from Google Analytics Academy here,


Or start a paid course at the Coursera here,



Examples of market segmentation

  • You can segment your data by date and time, to compare how users who visit your site on certain days of the week or certain hours of the day behave differently.


  • You can segment your data by device to compare user performance on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Isn’t this wonderful? What are your readers using to get to your site?


  • You can segment by marketing channel to compare the difference in performance for various marketing activities.


  • You can segment by geography to determine which countries, regions or cities perform the best.


  • And you can segment by customer characteristics, like repeat customers vs. first time customers, to help you understand what drives users to become loyal customers.


Understanding your customers by bringing all your data together can help you gain useful information and in the process, teach you how to explore and build strategies that can increase your blog or business performance. Know that you are an entrepreneur now and that your blog is primarily your business.



Benefits of installing Google Analytics

You are able to identify the impact of search on the customer, such as the keyword based targeting and retargeting. The tool captures and reports information particularly behavior that indicates how search, both internal and external, is being used by customers and prospects.


The information is very valuable, especially if you are considering setting up targeted campaigns, because it will likely indicate which marketing campaign is profitable for you. This simply means identifying the best campaign to use for targeting and planning purposes.


You might think, what?? I am only a blogger. That is right, but you are also now an entrepreneur, but a new one. So, help yourself with this little info I share to get you started. What has digital analytics got to do with a newbie like you?



Analyzing what your customer reads

The simplest way really is to ask people what they want through surveys or polls. However, taking into account that you are new and you want to just gather all data on your own for now, that little code from Google Analytics can be of great help for you.


This is the simplest approach to customer engagement that allows you to discover what your customer wants and needs. Finding and keeping your audience can be easier if you put yourself in their shoes. How do you conduct your Google Search?


Let me tell you one very important piece of information. Your blog has no chance for success if it doesn’t provide relevant, useful information that your target audience wants and needs. Take time to discover what your audience actually wants and needs from your blog niche and then focus your effort in delivering that information consistently.


Your blog is an excellent place to provide marketing messages, build relationships, and create brand loyalty, but none of this could happen if you are not publishing the right content. Focus is a key to your analytics success. You need to segment your target and take it from there.


The reason for the segmentation is pretty simple. Naturally, it is difficult to provide content that interests diverse readers who want and need very different information from you. For example, haven’t you noticed that in this blog, my content is for new bloggers? Bloggers who are trying it out and would want to succeed.


You need to do some audience research and determine which audience to build your blog for. I do not mean to say you cannot publish content that are of interest to the other segments of the market.


What I am trying to drive is to focus on one at this time, and then, if you can make it alive without getting crazy, try the other segments later. Do we have a deal?


Choose your core audience and achieve your goals easily. Being diverse is good, but success may take longer than you would want it to happen. Focus the majority of your blogging efforts around that audience.



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