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Boost Brand Loyalty Through Emotional Marketing In Social Media Sites


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In today’s competitive and noisy environment, you can make money blogging if you integrate brand loyalty schemes into your marketing strategy. Why is this so? Brand loyalty strategies addressed the entire customer experience process, that would be from the product acquisition to return.


The resulting loyal customers became your word of mouth evangelists for your product, service, or merely blog information and publication. However, you need to use a highly searchable content with quality to engage them.


Authority is everything. Research has shown that customers find brand executives to be credible authorities for information related to their niche. In addition, an expert content is an opportunity for you to position yourself in your industry.


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Design a customer service that builds loyalty and does not turn away customers. If you make it difficult for them to communicate with your brand or customer service staff, then expect they will go to your competitor. Price is not a question, but the after sales relationship is!


Build a culture that stimulates engagement. Start with yourself. Let me tell you, response and engagement build customer satisfaction. If you are lucky, they will then promote your brand in their own terms.


Obviously, with today’s digital age, you must understand the importance of mobile engagement. Your marketing content channels need to be tailored and mobile optimized.


One major function of branding is to increase the brand loyalty. Would your SEO for top SERPs positioning strategy using the social media channels help increase your brand loyalty?


There are three factors that would help create a stronger brand loyalty: recognition, preference, and insistence. In your online marketing plan, you need to know more about building brand preference before brand loyalty.


Personalize and localize wherever possible. Studies show that most people are highly engaged by personalized marketing and experiences. If possible, review your marketing strategy and delivery to make sure the customer experience is as personalized as you can imagine and would hope to imagine.


You can definitely drive more traffic and increase your conversions with a very relevant and personalized content. Well crafted, targeted content has proven time and time again to boost brand loyalty and drive increased conversion for online marketers.


Determine and target an optimal end conversion sequence. Testing insights about customer preferences and actions can help you make profitable changes. And as always, consider the device your visitors use to visit your blog when targeting.


Improve conversion from search with targeted content. In short, don’t publish rubbish articles. Make it worth your time writing. The more targeted and relevant the content is on the search results page, the more likely it is that prospects will convert.




Brand awareness through emotional appeal

This is what I call as the marketing power of emotions. Emotion can stimulate buying interest, guide choices, arouse buying intentions, and influence future buying decisions. An emotion intensifies the wants and desires, which includes motivation.


Building up audience awareness about your brand and its existence may not be easy, because of the fact that most people ignore what they see and hear. Unless, you have made a remarkable brand value and proposition, you are not going to make it to the 6 seconds attention span!


Read it again. I did not say remarkable brand. I said remarkable brand value and proposition, which is the ultimate makeup of a remarkable brand. Not comprehending? Say it again, this time loudly!


In the communication process, a message is encoded and transmitted to the recipient. In time, it is decoded by the receiver. When the receiver initiates a response or feedback, the system is completed. The AIDA concept (attention, interest, desire, action) explains the steps through which a person reaches a purchase decision after being exposed to a promotional message.


Your message is supposed to create the kind of engagement and also provide the kind of information that would help make the decision to give your brand the preference of choice over the other brands in the market. With this at the back of your mind, you need to be innovative when creating even the simplest message.



Leveraging from associations

This is a strategy you can use to increase brand equity. Leveraging is an equity building strategy you use to shape and tie a brand through positive associations.


An example is leveraging associations with other brands through co-branding or alliance. A brand image could be leveraged by associating with people as endorsers. Just try to connect with strong authority in the market.


Connecting with brands of strong authority helps create more value to your brand. A brand could leverage by associating with events and places such as a country’s image. All of these things could be done using PR and social media.


The most effective way is to leverage a brand by emphasizing its country of origin and make your message highly targeted to the language and the culture of the locals.  Whom do you blog for?


Can they understand the way you speak, create your message, or take it as something like this, can they know you were joking when you give a joke? Joking is very precise. They cannot laugh if they do not comprehend what you were joking about!


If you want a golden rule that fits everyone reading your blog, have nothing in your site that you do not know to be useful or believe to be useful. Leveraging with secondary brand associations is very effective in building your brand equity. Make the connections of your associations click on your blog post or profile. That simple.


Another tactic is to increase the consumer’s dependence on coupons, short-term promotions, and discounted prices. Just think of 100 ways to brainfluence and persuade your readers to click and buy.


Brains love brands they know. People buying brands other people love is one positive proof of just how potent brands can be. Strong brands can overpower the senses. Remember Pepsi and Coke challenge?


Strengthen your brand, strengthen your associations and use your brand and your associations to good advantage in powering up your marketing strategy.




Manipulating the user experience

Write, publish, and promote your work one post at a time. To optimize your visitors’ experience, you can build a dynamic landing page and then creatively curate your content.


Selling from your carefully curated website powerfully controls the searcher’s entire user experience. This also helps prevent abandonment issues.


The usefulness and the quality of the content highly impacts your visitors’ customized experience. With the most relevant content, you are able to turn visitors into lifelong customers. Just make sure you are displaying content that is relevant to your ad.


Blogging has continued to grow probably because it is the most democratic form of self-expression ever invented. Through a blog, writers build a following of readers as they blog their brand into existence. Taking advantage of the current online technology allows you to do these things easily and inexpensively, if not effortlessly.


Blogs feature content targeted to particular audiences and highly focused on specific subjects. In 2013, there were approximately 152 million blogs on the internet and with more added every minute.


This is about 40 new blogs per minute. How do you make your blog or your brand known? You have to associate and connect to influencers.


Big markets can be difficult to penetrate, especially if a lot of bloggers or authors are doing a good job with them already. Niche markets can be profitable.


To become a published author, a published brand, or a published blogger, you must come out of your four walls and start to socialize. Talk with people, interact with others, and develop an exclusive audience for your work.


Speak online through your blog and the social media sites. You can even speak using videos and audio by uploading them easily to your blog.



Consumer’s loyalty increases brand value

Make your website the first hub of all social buzz. This is a very simple yet effective SEO technique in creating brand awareness and pushing brand preference. How do you do this?


Every situation is different and the context of the environment has a profound effect on how a person makes choices. Adapt to the unique circumstances of the behavior you are trying to change and the choices you are trying to influence.


Since the brand’s measure of success is about how it is being perceived by the visitors, you can use the social media sites to buzz about customer service, promote brand loyalty through networking, and deepen your relationship with the customers.


When you get your desired response from your social media buzz, you will notice an increase of your website traffic. On the other hand, at a reasonable cost, you will find blog advertising as another good approach in increasing brand value.


Blogs enhance the market’s insight of the company and the brand. Blogs also allow access to some people in the company and give customers the benefit to talk to the company or with the other customers via the comment section.


A blog builds brand awareness, loyalty, increase your Google Authorship, and reaches out to new customers. Do you need more traffic? Just Blog!


The efforts of your SEO to build brand loyalty and brand preference could be fully supported by your interesting blog content. Google scores the authority of the website based on its content, relevant incoming links, and the site’s technical architecture.


The blog provides viral growth and increases your brand exposure to online communities. Always use relevant keywords in your URL. Using this strategy contributes to the authority of the website.


The authority, supported by a good content, is a very strong way to leverage and promote brand awareness. A good blog invites conversation.


The blog can help build the relationship, but it should be done only by a knowledgeable person to attract and engage visitors. The information should be relevant and useful to the target audience.


When kids hear about Walt Disney you would probably hear their excited screams. The brand has been associated with fun theme park, family outings, and relationships. In short, emotionally scans your memories for those good times! That is how a brand should work with people.


Social media marketing

The social media has changed the future of marketing. Social media is for branding and engagement. The health of your business relies on your ability to create meaningful and sustainable interactions.


Engaged customers are more loyal and willing to recommend your blog. Social media connects people emotionally. You need to learn more about persuasion to be able to engage your audience.


Persuasion is the ability to use words and other symbols to influence an individual’s attitude and behavior. Craft a persuasive message to gain attention, build interest, elicit desire, while reducing resistance and motivating action.


Craft persuasive messages that request actions, make claims, and deliver complaints. Make a logical argument, adopt an objective, unemotional tone, and prove that your request has merit. The highlight is to understand the audience’ mindset.


In its most basic form, you can say that brand loyalty is exhibited when a consumer uses a particular product despite the competition. Social media microblogging strengthens and builds brand loyalty.


Through the social media, you are able to speak directly to your customers, share information, and influence word of mouth advertising. The social media rapidly spreads information and its constant communication is ideal for encouraging brand loyalty.


The ability to connect emotionally, on a deeper level, is the Holy Grail of marketing. If you just look into the power of emotional marketing and the way it can overcome even the most logical arguments, it becomes apparent just how powerful emotional resonance can be.


When someone has emotionally invested in a brand or product or blog content, it invokes some kind of a positive sentiment, which can result in choosing to continue the relationship with the brand, despite the controversy around some of the brand’s other activities.


Once the brand establishes emotional resonance and creates advocates like the customers of Apple, Nike, Reebok, and Samsung, it fosters the relationship and turn the initial influence into a more powerful long term advocacy. This is the result when you enhance the customer’s experience with the brand.


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