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Effectively Generate Leads By Blogging


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Generate leads and make money blogging with this simple content marketing guide plus basic SEO for top SERPS positioning tips. Blogs are a great way to increase your digital presence and make you and your business brand visible to almost anyone anywhere.


Your blog can effectively create momentum with visitors who are likely to click your ads as well as attract more potential qualified users to your site and help you convert your traffic into leads.


Be consistent and show up on a regular basis. Show up means regularly posting highly informative content on your website or blog. The more traffic you attract, the more opportunities you’d have for generating leads.


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You must understand one thing. A blog won’t magically drive business without regularly updating your content. Whether you have been blogging for five minutes or five years, monetizing the blog to make a living online has always been the goal of most content creation.


It is true that content creators make real money. Online content creators have to make their money by building up an audience, then direct that audience to some profitable business they own or by simply encouraging people to click Adsense tactically positioned on their blogs.


For sure, the economics of online content, in many ways, are the economics of art. Create your content to attract more customers and visitors.  If you are a new content creator with no business yet, you should find a business that your audience wants and needs from you.


What is it you do best? Make it the focus of your website, and direct your audience there. Find a funnel to direct your audience, one that provides additional value for them and additional revenue for you.


As a new blogger, you may want to take your lead generation strategy one step at a time. Know that some people are already earning a full time income from Adsense alone. If you aspire for it, you have to have a ton of traffic to get to where you want to go.


Basically, your best bet for ad clicks is increasing your search traffic. How do you increase your organic visitors and raise the number of people clicking on your ads?


The average amount of time anyone spends on a page is 10 seconds, and this is what they call as bounce rate. It means your visitor bounces or leaves in under 10 seconds. This is bad for you.


To avoid this major pitfall, you should not put too many ads on your site. With the common misconception that the more ads you have, the more clicks you receive, can be a major obstruction in making even one real click.


Do not confuse people which ad to click or call to action to follow. We will discuss the blog design and layout or ad positioning in another post.



Social signals

Major changes are fast taking place in the consumer and business markets. Consumers are more connected with each other through third party information providers, such as the collaborative product reviews, ranking, price comparison shops, and the social media tweets. This new channel or trend tells us to either adapt or die!


Your volume and quality of content needs to be coupled with explosive tweets using a variety of social media channels. The work could be overwhelming, but the effort always pays in the end with more $$s for you.


The technique is to scale an optimized content and expedite engagement using the social media. This highly affects the way your content is being discovered, indexed, and sorted in the search results.


The search signals are considered as one of the factors that help determine authority. In the marketing sphere, becoming popular can be equated with building website authority and this can be done by acquiring more social signals.


Understand what you discovered and analyzed what you observed about the behaviors and preferences of your target audience online. Learn how most users consume content and understand how a content is able to engage them.


How did they find and perceive the relevance of the content? What kind of writing style, tone, and format can effectively motivate them to stay and consume a certain content?


You need to know the best social media platforms and tools you can use and to which they often hangout. You can increase your social signals by joining more social media site. This is very obvious of course.


It is important that you display an updated profile of yourself in each site, and stay active, but never spam. The technique? Create valuable content and create relationships.


Relationships help transform your prospects into customers and word of mouth evangelists later. The idea of clicking even a single ad on your site may take longer, because of the load of information and other relevant sources in the internet. In short, you are dealing with a massive competition with the niche you had chosen to make money with online.


Social signals indicate a solid reputation. Through the social signals, the search engine is able to determine what is best for the user.


Most users trust the social signals and are becoming more reliant about what other people say on certain things. Word of mouth endorsements are happening within the social media. They most likely happened without the users knowing or being aware they are doing the advertising themselves.



People tend to develop trust on a website that has been recommended by one of their social media friends than the search engines. This means that you have to pay close attention to what these people are actually recommending and the instances they make these recommendations to their friends.


A strong social presence is an indicator of a stronger brand loyalty. It so happened that having a stronger brand recognition also results in better conversions. Because of this, you should try to become the destination for social engagement.


Make sure that your profile and website or blog are where people choose to engage in different conversations. One way to encourage this is to create quality content.


You have a blog that is considered as the perfect tool to go viral in social media sites. Always remember that a shareable content gets more attention and backlinks.



Let them search and click for profit

Nowadays, most people perform some time reading information about the product or service first before they buy your product or engage professional services. In fact, reading online reviews and asking questions has become a trend and an expected behavior for consumers before they make any decision.


Social sites definitely play this role for you. The relevance, timeliness, and ease of sharing in social media may result in more users hitting the call to action button. That is, if you can influence their behavior proactively by mastering few communication techniques.


Increase your traffic and click through rates by participating in social media discussions. Nowadays, consumers not only expect to find what they have been looking for, but very much prefer to interact and find out more information by commenting and sharing their thoughts or opinions about a lot of things.


A few sentences here and there can trigger a fire for discussion already. Learn how to initiate mindful discussions.


The dynamic cycle of social and search interaction is quite complicated. However, turning something into meaningful conversations is doable.


The most powerful impact of social media is its ability to generate new inbound links by improving brand awareness and overall online visibility.


Somehow, some companies were smart enough to use the social media as an extension of a company’s customer service department. To be honest, I love to use Twitter and Facebook for this function. Users can tweet or message to a company and expect their tweet or message replied from there.



Decrease bounce rates

People coming from your social circles who visit your blog spends higher time on your site and are more likely to become repeat visitors. Social signals have come a long way in terms of their impact on SEO and in their ability to drive highly targeted leads.


To maintain a competitive advantage, it is important that both front end and back end landscapes of search should be proactive and capitalize on any opportunity to improve search visibility. I believe that what can be searched can be optimized!



Innovate your lead generation tactic

Here is a list of the basic information that might help you understand about trust.

  • The domain age of the website
  • Quality of inbound links
  • Social signals, which include social shares
  • Content relevance


The old approach of the internet marketers to create content that supports SEO and then perform link building may not work today. The search engines have made quite a change with the ecosystem and it is now centered on the quality and relevance of a blog or website’s content.


The practice had evolved around content creation, content curation, content syndication, reworking existing content, and producing high search quality content with targeted keyword phrases on a regular basis.


Google is known to time stamp clicks to track velocity and it is likely that other social networks and engines are tracking click rate velocity as well. By tracking the rate of clicks to a URL over time, the velocity rate of clicks through the URL can be tracked to become an indicator of its rising popularity.


Once a piece of content is released into the social sphere, the click rate will be used to determine the popularity of the content. Start generating your own social signals and keep in mind that social platforms are not meant for advertising your products.


This is the common misconception of most people. Social platforms can be regarded as an avenue where you engage and interact with other people through conversations and content sharing.


Do not send links in comments and spam a blog or a social media profile. I tell you guys, I always blocked and delete this kind of comments. I blocked the marketer too.


If you like to build a relationship, do not send links and do not compete with what a blogger is doing right on his own blog and on his social media profile. That is unethical and rude.


So, if you are paying someone to do this for you. Let me tell you that you would just be simply paying for nothing because all of it gets deleted. Why not write an intelligent, relevant comment?



Freebies as a bait for lead generation

Learn how to innovate your SEO campaigns. Give as you receive. Your customers and visitors love to get freebies and discounts.


You can give free eBooks for them to download instantly from your website. Coupons are nice bait too.


Blogging is the most useful tool in boosting your SEO organic search engine optimization strategy. It is an immensely satisfying means of artistically expressing yourself that may bring in some revenue and increase contacts from like-minded individuals.


Writing down your thoughts into paper does not only bring business to you, but also is therapeutic and a natural experience or an artistic release. A blog is a channel to where you can communicate directly with your prospects, customers, and site visitors.


Blogging provides instant gratification, is fun, empowering, and uniquely satisfying. Blogging dramatically drags new readers from the organic search engines.


Deliver value. Focus on the challenges and needs of your readers. Produce interesting content and do not talk about you. They do not want to hear about you. That is absolute.


Social media and forum sites connects people across the world in any kind of niche. Blogging actually inspires like-minded people to connect, learn, and share.


They want to hear about how you are going to help them with their current need or problem? Are your articles providing the right solutions?



Popularize your content using the social media platforms. Spread the heat and get good leads in return.



Why do you earn from blogging?

Blogging is an information distribution and retrieval tool that keeps your business running by merely publishing useful content. Besides being a great marketing tool, it can naturally boost your profile.


Blogging makes networking and connecting with prospects easier. This can be done without cold calling. Blogs are one cheapest way to expand your business and hit new markets, generate leads, and gain profits.


The free content you provide can go viral and create massive publicity, which made marketers treat a blog as a content marketing tool. Publishing highly searchable valuable content can efficiently achieve better brand loyalty.


You can place other money making opportunities, such as Yahoo ads, sponsorship, and link building where you let them pay you for linking back to their business site.


Make sure you produce interesting content. Be happy if you gain a massive volume of traffic. However, if the traffic is not highly targeted, they do not necessarily perform any call to action.


In short, large volume of visitors may not mean money. They may not perform what you want them to do in your blog, such as clicking your Adsense.


This kind of traffic is treated as an expense to your bandwidth hosting. Sometimes, trying to attract everybody can result in a negative effect as not everybody wants to be your client and they just increase bounce rates.


Create a content that only your target audience would love to read and follow (my top secret). If you can do this effectively, then everything would be set in place. You earn money from your blog even when you are asleep!


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