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Get free traffic for your website: First goal to making more profit is organic search engine optimization using blog advertising | Blog And Earn
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Get free traffic for your website: First goal to making more profit is organic search engine optimization using blog advertising


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Maximize brand related traffic using branded terms and good web page landing in your organic search engine optimization so people seeking your company or related products will find you. For upward trend of your traffic, you need to master branded search focus on expanding long tail search terms for unique keywords. Your list should increase each month.

You can watch your organic traffic increase from your primary head terms of at least 10 to 25 nonbranded keywords. Here is a good example of the list

Root terms:

Search engine optimization


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After you perform keyword optimization, you should look at the bounce rate by keyword of your traffic per page. Reduce possibility of bounce rates by running tests using Website Optimizer. Website optimizer helps eliminate guess works by allowing you to make few site variations and try on real visitors. You are able to try images, headlines, and descriptions with outcomes that you want to achieve. This technique helps you become more profitable because it helps you increase your ROI. The results of the experiment will help you make data-driven decisions for your website optimization. Convert more visitors using Google Website Optimizer for website testing and optimization on content and website design.

The idea is that, if you increase your visitors by 50% but still get a good drop in conversion rate or bounce rate, then your strategy is not working because it did not improve your business. The conversion rate definitely reveals a drop in traffic. You need to consider the following metrics in developing your traffic

  • Goal conversion rate for leads – this means that you should get leads to keep your business growing than getting more traffic
  • Total revenue goals – use Google Analytics to reveal total revenue from organic traffic
  • List other critical measures


Google Analytics

Google Analytics directly measure SEO efforts focused more on practical specific reports. Trends matter in making reliable strategy and measuring effectiveness of SEO efforts. In analyzing your traffic, you need to work with the keywords reports under Traffic Sources. It is best to view the report weekly to avoid false spatial data. Trends would mean observing over a period of time.


People always use search engines in looking for a product or service. It is important that you maintain SERPS positioning for keywords containing your product brand names and company. Effective SEO efforts would mean expanding exposure on nonbranded keywords and defending brand territory. Watch you traffic with both branded and nonbranded keywords.

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