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Sustain Your Digital Marketing At Less Cost To You


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Digital marketing can be costly if you failed to control its cost. To effectively make money blogging, you need to know which channel you are going to use for brand exposure. The best is to use the social web to market directly to individuals and businesses.


The most significant marketing development has been the embrace of internet related media and the development of so called digital marketing. It is not just about print ads and costly trade shows anymore.


Marketing today has to incorporate websites, search engines, email, blogs, and social networks. This makes a lot of work for the marketing staff.


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Digital marketing is also known as online marketing or internet marketing. It simply uses internet based media, such as websites, email, blogs, and social networks.


Digital marketing simply gives you the edge to reach more without limitations, thereby making you competitive. Haven’t you realized that digital marketing can help improve customer relationships?


Its chief benefit is the ability to establish a one-to-one connection with your customers in addition to giving you the free channels in the media for prospecting. Not that you talk to them every day, but they also have this unique opportunity to talk back to you on a regular basis.


Simply put, you can redesign your marketing mix and create a hub of your online activities. Everything you do online, your blog, your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and anything else, builds on what you do on your website.


These channels are subsidiary components to your website presence. It all starts with making a potential customer aware of your services, moves through acquisition of the prospect, and then conversion into a paying customer.


Everything just ends up with efforts to build and retain that customer while working on building his loyalty and in the process, attract more customers. This is what social media digital marketing is all about – relationships!




Social media marketing

The social media is an electronic word of mouth consists of links, messages, feedback, and referrals that consumers used to share about an event, brand, product, or service. It is one good method to use for your SEO top SERPs positioning.


It is easier to sustain your online marketing when you build a relationship with your followers. Remember, that the five stages of the buying continuum are reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty.


Of course, not all customers are interested in your message. You should understand that these people (those who click and share your content) are the lifeblood of your blog’s earning potential.


The search engines would gladly crawl your website when you and them start sharing your content across the social media networks. Your blog, especially when you carry ads for services and products, can generate leads through the social media.


Blogging is one of the most effective social media for acquiring new leads. Blogging and the social media channels drive traffic and targeted leads.


If you post regularly to your site and provide fresh informative content, it will appear fresh and relevant. The blog increases the effectiveness of your other traffic generating campaigns.


One trick, make your content as relevant as possible and invite advertisers to place an ad on your blog. Having a timely and relevant blog post can end you up with multiple placements in the search engine result page.


Your blogging activity and social media network microblogging efforts are a great vehicle to get your viewpoint out in a relatively controlled fashion. Very important – Think before you write or react!




Build your brand and reputation through social media

Brand management refers to working on strong and unique models that demonstrates the comprehensiveness, originality, or the best features of a brand name, which completely differentiates it from the competition. Because we are talking about how to make money blogging, your blog and your name can be your brand name, so be careful with the way you interact over the cyber world.


In your organic search engine optimization, the cases and illustrations you use in your article writing and press releases should be new, unusual, relevant, and best represent the business situation most readers can relate, follow, and understand easily. Examples of brand names are Coke, Starbucks, or BMW.


Publishing an updated news release periodically can sustain your brand at a competitive advantage and help maintain a dominant position leading to holding a dominant market share.


If you are working on a corporate blog, this is merely an issue of the brand architecture and an efficient management between the brand, the corporation, the product, and the website’s landing page.


On the implementation side, you need to brainstorm your team on how to build interesting brand platforms that are powerful enough to stimulate the market, sell the product, and build a salient brand.



Enhance your brand image and reputation

Stimulating the interest and creating an online bonding with the readers is quite a challenge among branding and reputation management managers because it deals with the energizing contact points as well as activating the brand to grow the business profitably.


The business and brand strategy should be customer and cash flow based when building its image and public awareness. This means you need to relate brand decisions with the economic equation of the business.


Get the word out. Blog and share them on different social media channels. It helps to do a little planning before you start microblogging. Develop a blogging and microblogging strategy.



Be consistent with your brand

What I did is to make a Google Plus account for all activities. When I need to post to other social media channel, I just copy and paste my main microblog and photos to the other channel. This makes things easier and creates less mistakes for you.


The idea is to control what you have to say. It would be wise to create one reference page for all your microblogging activities so you do not create mistakes inventing and reinventing what you have to say.


You should also determine the best mood and attitude along with the time of the day to do best. Believe me, it impacts what you do and what you say!


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