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Google Adsense Optimization


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Google published some adsense optimization tips that might work for your website. Always remember to

  • Make the location of your Ads or Banners above or at the middle of the fold. However, if your article is long, a bottom placement would be successful most of the times.
  • Select wider ad formats that may take up fewer lines. The most common sizes are 160 x 600 pixels, 336 x 280, and the 300 x 250.
  • Pick ad or banner colors that blend with the layout and theme of your site. The colors must compliment the theme of the site and should not look apart from the site. Colors that stick out could be automatically identified as ads by the audience. This would result to audience not even looking at them. This is what we call as ad blindness. The technique is to experiment with the sizes and the colors and then find out what works best. You can increase your revenue if you find the right color, size, and position.
  • Image ads may increase CPC but decreases page impressions. This is because sometimes the image does not blend with the topic of the page. It is best that you turn them off and just stick to text ads.
  • Link units might work for you. This does not take up much space and the readers could just click on the link that arouses their interest.
  • Go for content. Your site must be unique from others. All the format and locations strategies will never work if your site does not publish quality content.
  • Improve the relevance of your site. Create a very good description of your site. This should match of course with the content of your site.
  • Optimize your images.
  • Create good anchor text
  • Increase your backlinks for expert authority
  • Track your bounce rate, CPM, CTR’s. Contact
  • Create catchy titles
  • Do not make multiple pages with similar titles or content
  • Adsense works best without borders to be able to blend with the template background

The best way to learn is to visit and get some ideas from the Official Google Guides, JenSense, Problogger, and other related websites. Experiment until you get the earnings that you desire. Fix when you see that your earnings are decreasing. Without SEO, you cannot get the right traffic who could give you the income you desire to achieve.

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