Using Social Media Alone Cannot Help You Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

Stop being cheap. You need to set up a house on the internet using a professional website and domain for people to take you seriously. I must admit social media is cheap and easy, but if you are really serious in growing your business, you have to avoid the clutter and guide your leads to reading your content. How do you think you should do this?


Grow your business over time, but make sure they have one site to go and find you. Social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and the Instagram is an absolutely terrific trend for business to make their presence known across the internet.


It is true that you must be present where your highly targeted leads hang out, but you need a permanent address, where people can read only your content, unlike the kind of clutter you see in any social media platform.



How effective is the strategy of advertising on social media helping you grow your business?

People used the social media to socialize and network with friends and professional affiliations. But, would they even pay any attention to your social media ads, let alone take any action on them?


The social media is connecting, creating, and inventing its own systems. It gives you money, meaning, and freedom without the 9 to 5. However, it would be difficult to create systems and deliver value to the marketplace if you do not have specific website, where they can see and read all information about you.


If you cannot create systems for each social media platform you have, then you may have lost your way on the entrepreneurial path and may not be able to grow your business in less time.


Grow Your Business and make money blogging


In recent years, a new crop of entrepreneurs emerged and risen off the back of social media channels. In the Philippines, many are using Facebook to sell clothing and all sorts of products and services.


They share pictures and post updates, including videos, but they do not serve you long term. Although the result in building a following through the social media channels can be exciting and motivating, you would break your back to make more social media updates targeted to different channels, just to drive more sales.


Your content has an incredibly short life in social media. It almost always lost impact in a day or two as soon as there are updates from other users coming on the platform. They would definitely get buried in as short as after a few hours or a day.



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Your website or your blog that gives valuable information, gets valuable over time with Google. It will serve you for long term. I do not think you would want to create content that has a short life.


In fact, Google values high quality long form content. Set up a blog with a good domain, and watch your traffic grow over time. When you write a blog post, people are going to find it today or many years after through search.


You can write a blog post, share it to your social media channels, and make money blogging online. Having a business that runs online is possible through a blog!

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