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How To Create Highly Optimized, Unique, Quality Content For SEO Top SERPs Positioning?


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The principle of creating quality content in the aspect of organic search engine optimization for SEO top SERPs positioning refers to delivering improved content that is useful to your readers. You can set up an information rich site and think of creative ways on how to present topics your readers may find attractive. The content and information found in your site are critical in attracting visitors, increasing website traffic, and in converting those visitors to customers.


You should understand that your readers are looking for something they need. If they cannot find it on your website, then they will go and never visit your site again. You need to be creative in your planning and organizing your content. Your ezine article writing should continually deliver useful information that has an impact for better CTR.


Here is one good example of how to strategically gain the interest of your audience. If you were selling cars, your visitors may want to obtain key information, such as the make, brand, speed, interior, delivery times, prices, and availability. You may include all other basic information they may want to know when they are about to buy a car, such as color.

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Your content needed to be updated regularly. Google loves fresh content. For example, a news site needs more than just one update a day. A personal site may be updated when you feel necessary or in the mood to write a blog. An appliance site may be updated when there is a new item or change of price. Encyclopedia sites would likely remain unchanged, but fully structured.


What are we driving here? Content supports SEO top SERPs positioning. During your on-site optimization, your highest priority should be to produce content that would impact the audience in a timely and continuous delivery. Your information should give the kind of information that your target users needed to complete a task or solve a problem.



There are several ways to gather data for your audience. Although this may take time and lots of efforts, you need to perform some behavior research and visit forum sites to know and anticipate what they are searching on the internet. Gaining traffic – it all starts with delivering valuable content and knowing your audience!


It is never too late to change. You can curate and write your own content. It is better to organize a broad structure of information and then divide blocks of information into several pages or blog posts. It is important to shift gears now than continuing to deliver misaligned or irrelevant content.


Simple is beautiful

Keep things simple, even your website layout and navigation. Create a straightforward process that would eliminate unneeded cycles. Remember, creating high quality content means creating value in your ezine article writing that would keep your audience engaged. Here are some useful tips

  • Know how your content appeals to your audience or know what content appeals to your audience
  • Know who you are targeting and then tailor your content to connect with your target audience
  • Make sure your content does not contain many spelling mistakes and are edited before publishing
  • Keep your content compelling
  • Mix up your media with images, graphics, slideshows, and videos
  • Offer more engaging content
  • Give them value, not a sales pitch
  • Focus on educating and helping and not on selling
  • Don’t clutter your page with pointless anchor text and links



Your content can hurt you

Google has been teaching website owners to create the best possible content for their audience. The original, high quality content should be useful and unique to attract more visitors over time and encourage them to link to your content on their websites. The key is always to organize your content structure.


As you build your content, make sure that your content is

  • Useful and informative
  • More valuable than the other sites
  • Credible, trustworthy, and can enhance your site’s reputation
  • Created primarily to give your visitors a good user experience
  • Engaging with less amount of ads


Errors such as broken links, spelling mistakes, excessive grammar errors, or wrong information can make your visitors leave and not trust your site. You can engage using the social media widgets, comment boxes, or the chatbox.

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