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How does SEO affect the life of your website?


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Your SEO process for your landing page is your life

Your landing page is your sales force. You should optimize it carefully according to how your audience will take aesthetics and content. You need to be creative and especially observant on how the robots and the human audience react on your slightest optimization changes.

Do the basic. If you are a beginner, do the basic first. Do not listen much to other people talking about massive SEO techniques because it will either scare you or disappoint you. Follow real world advice without tricks. If you are a woman, I would say be who you are and men will love you, am I right men? Simplicity in terms of website design and process is beautiful, creative, and effective.

Defining your target audience

Define your target audience by your interest. If you are interested in writing about SEO, then your audience are the bloggers and website owners who want to generate money out of their websites. Know what you want to write or the topic that you feel most passionate writing about because this will determine the consistency of your efforts, voice of the website, and most of all, the type of audience that you are going to attract.

How do you attract niche audience?

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This is simple really. Write articles that provide the kind of information they seek. This means writing extremely targeted articles with messages especially crafted for their interest.

How do you lead niche audience to your website?

We already discussed about article submission. Put your articles on sites that your niche market used to hang out even if you need to pay. This idea is really worth the dollar.

Matching interest with target audience interest

I say, do not sell or write about things that you are not even interested or passionate unless you are willing to hire someone who got the energy and the passion to write for it. There should be a match with the voice of the writer and the need of the audience. If you are not able to maintain this, then your website will be abandoned and neglected by you and your audience.

This is the most difficult thing – matching the voice with the need. The enthusiasm should be felt and reflected in your content or the audience will leave your website in a second. Build your website by just writing topics that you love to talk about. They will come for sure.

Is creating a lot of websites profitable?

Yes, it is but if you cannot cope up with the management and SEO then it would be better to concentrate on 2 or 3 websites that you can always fill in with your time for SEO and content preparation. Maintain your audience by maintaining the quality of your website. If you build many sites at a time, you will be overwhelmed. Focus on 2 and 3 websites and take my word for it, you will certainly enjoy the fruits of your labor.

What is keyword optimization?

Keywords help consumers find your site. They start searching for your product using search keywords. Optimize your websites and drive qualified leads and traffic using the most common words people type into Google search on similar commodity or service. We call them as the most popular word search or search keywords that gets into the mind of an individual who is trying to find your product or information. These popular search terms are called or known as search keywords.

It is important to put on relevant keywords to your article. However, do not overdo keywords or your article will be considered as spamming by search engines. The keywords should be a perfect match to the words that your target consumers type on search engines when they search for related product, service, or information. Please take note that the search engine brings only the websites containing a perfect match to the words that users typed.

The keywords must be similar and matches perfectly to what they typed in the search bar. If this is clear to you then you will begin to understand why it is important to know what keywords to use for your website and articles. Generate thousands of keywords to improve your traffic and affiliate campaigns or even Adsense. Get those clicks and earn from the traffic you get using simple and clear SEO optimization.

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