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How To Convert MsWord To JPEG


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This is amazing. I haven’t sleep well last night thinking about how to make the videos for organic search engine optimization YouTube marketing run good. I have 4 girls working on this but I was not satisfied with the output yet. I am still looking for something great. There are many things to consider, the background music, the effects, the images, and the text. The images and the text are easy to handle. Actually, those are the easiest parts of the process. The background music and the effects are a bit difficult. You need to cut and select. This part takes time especially the selection of the background music. Copyrights is one big thing to consider here. You must be keen on copyrights of your images and videos when you are developing your SEO plan.

This morning, I woke up 5am and just stared at the computer. I tried to explore the Windows Movie Maker and the first thing that I realized is that you could only used images here. Since I do have text, I was appalled on how I could convert MsWord to JPEG. I search Google (my best friend) and see that this thing is possible. There is a software but I guess I already have something in my computer that could convert it. I was so excited with my new discovery. I know I am like a child in this. I love new things. I love creativity.

Click, click, click… OMIGOD!! I have the jpeg format of the MsWord in my front ha ha ha this is awesome. You can use free software. Anything is possible now. You think of the possibility, research the tool for the possibility, and there you go…. JPEG format of the MsWord. You can use the PDFill software for this. It is very easy. Turn MsWord into Jpeg in less than 4 clicks.

Blogging about the things you do is a good way to create a journal of your efforts and see how you are faring. You can very well review your post and edit them sometime. Article writing is a good way to build traffic but still, people would love to read impromptu truthful honest expressions of your thoughts and efforts. This could be considered as amateurish article writing but it will surely pay out soon because your readers will comment and teach you how to do things. Am I right friends?

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I hope I have a video or even a PPT to illustrate here but I really do not have the time to do that now. I am developing a lot of sites. However, here is another way to convert MsWord to Jpeg format

  • Print screen
  • Open paint program
  • Click edit
  • Paste
  • Crop
  • Save in jpeg
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