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Images create traffic


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Do you believe that the images in your website have the power to generate traffic?

Most SEO staffs do not pay attention to optimizing their images in the aspect of search engine optimization. I could still see numbers or the download filename attach to the images displayed on their websites. Optimizing images is very important in SEO. You need to pay attention to the smallest detail on anything that you put in your website.

Image search

People are so keen with images and photography nowadays. Images are the results of man’s imagination and sort of no holds barred creation of individual expressions that attracts like minded individuals. Images are absolutely replacing words in some ways. People search images using Google image nowadays.

Image search optimization

Image search optimization is one aspect of SEO that organizes content specifically pictures to increase the relevance of specific keywords among image search engines. Images, when properly labelled with keywords, could increase ranking and improve organic search engine optimization results. Optimizing images with short relevant keyword rich descriptions will help your overall website optimization efforts.

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Conceptualizing the functions of images when seen in visual media like painting, abstract, and photography, you may have notice that images have peculiar power over the viewers’ human visual experience. In the context of visual culture, they do in some ways, relate to cultural expressions. Although text displayed in graphics could be more presentable and appealing, the search engines are not able to read it.

How to leverage over images?

Images relate, narrate, and surprisingly associate a viewer’s desire, fantasy, and expressions. Drive your target market to click your ad by arousing their interest and appealing to their self expressions. Images are expressions that engage a user’s behaviour, influence desire, and demand action. You make your website or landing appealing to both human eye and robots when you put up your images properly with alt attributes.

In order for the search engines to read your images and to use your pictures for SEO, you need to put an alt attribute to your image. The purpose of the alt attribute is to display text while the image is still loading. Sometimes, the message will pop up when the mouse is being hovered over the image. Here is an example of an alt attribute so you can accurately visualize its function

<img src=”image.jpg” alt=”Shirley Bongbong” width =”100” height = “100” border =”1”/>

In WordPress blog platform, you are able to see this. Images can magically persuade and seduce your target market brought by its own unique appeal. Images are very effective in advertising. SEO could vouch on the effect of images to people. Anybody viewing a good ad with good header and image would most of the time, click your call to action button. Use images and convert your browsers to good leads. So, make use of your images and label them accurately to support your optimization efforts.


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