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Improving relationships with your admin


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Delegating work then is a matter of either giving it a go (as in letting go of some things you are used to doing) or continue doing the things you want to do yourself that may not justify your 6 figure pay such as email handling, scheduling of appointments, and other related tasks. Well one thing for sure, you would never choose to hire someone as your virtual assistant if you think the person is not capable of completing the job functions and responsibilities that you had listed.

Maybe people need to stop for awhile and think if they are already clear on the direction of their admin office and the tasks that they are ready to delegate to virtual assistants. Directions are important. Limitations on the accounts of responsibility are reflected from there. Relationships with Admin and virtual assistants can only be improved if the manager or the entrepreneur itself knows his direction.

Delegating tasks to your virtual assistant

Before hiring someone to help you, you need to identify the specific task you need to outsource. Do not hire someone when you are not sure what to give because it would just disappoint you and your virtual employee. For this week, try to write down the things that you do. Segregate the list with things you need to do and things that you feel you can outsource to your virtual assistant.


Delegate things with outlined plan and regain huge sanity from the amount of time and money that you had saved. Help from overseas virtual assistant will cost you less than the stress you have been experiencing trying to maintain your work life balance. Attach a speedometer to your chest, slow down a little, and get more time and space to your life.

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Look at the tasks that eat much of your time and decide if you can outsource it. You can continuously work with a shortened time if you can identify which tasks are to be delegated and which tasks are to be retained. Stop multitasking and accomplish more things by hiring a virtual assistant to help you get things done in schedule. Get more time and space for yourself, be happy, be contented, and be comfortable – hire a virtual employee!

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