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Improve Your SERPS Positioning


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If you want to make money blogging, you have to improve your SERPS position. Be keen on your Google ranking for better visibility. You can begin by writing useful and highly relevant content.


Just like what I am doing now. I edited my old blogs and placed the right keyword phrases in the articles. One of the most effective ways to improve keyword ranking on an existing page is to improve the content.


Keyword density and keyword optimization are incredible avenues to travel again when considering better SERPS. The idea is to add more content value and quality links to the page you are looking to improve in search engine results.


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Being on top of the SERPS can make or break your marketing campaign. It is important that you know the relationship between your chosen relevant keyword phrase and keyword density to your traffic volume.


From your experience, most people click on the first page and of those websites that appear on top of the search results. Thus, re-examining your articles again due to their importance in your conversions can boost your existing income.


Observe the results and repeat. You can make an excel of the keywords, but never stop searching for new profitable ones. Your blog position and keywords can create a big impact on the volume of your visitors.


The relevance of your keywords to the user’s search query and associated ad groups is important in your on-page optimization. The more optimized and relevant your blog posts and keywords, the higher your quality score would be and the better ad position you are likely to achieve.



Branding and reputation management

We are all aware that brand awareness, image, trust, and reputation take time to build. However, they are the best guarantee of solid future earnings.


Everyone wants to achieve better search engine rankings. This is because organic search traffic is a proven driver of business growth. To rank well, the quality of your content and your on-page SEO should align with your niche topic.


Brand visibility can work along with your optimization efforts. Transform your blog into your personal brand. Recreate and reinvent yourself through your writings.


For Richard Branson, high visibility is a strategic tool that made his personality inseparable from his products. His transformation is as deliberate as the manufacture of his products and the delivery of his services, calculated to use his high visibility to bring buyers to his brand.



If you seek higher visibility through your social circles, you have to learn some transformation techniques to help enhance visibility. When you are able to enhance your visibility in a good way, then you have built a successful brand.


Start to stand out, command attention, and attain high visibility. One way is to create and publish your own story and how you became a successful blogger or entrepreneur. All this can deeply imprint the blog, brand, or product in the minds of your target audience.


Build a desirable imprint and image in your social and professional circle. When you succeed in sculpting a distinctive brand, you will enjoy a long term staying power in the blogosphere, especially when it is clearly and meaningfully differentiated from the other blogs of similar niche.


Regardless of the website’s content model, the high visitor engagement is still the key to sustaining a brand. You can measure your traffic using the Google Analytics because they are highly variable and largely unpredictable.




Again – use the analytics!

Knowing the responses and the changes including the information about the traffic sources is important in determining the traffic and its variation when you are trying to build and set up your performance models.


The tool tracks the traffic and the market behavior of your visitors, including the trends of a specific set of traffic. The traffic metrics are important in determining what specific campaign actually works for your site.


The data are needed for performing tests and conversion testing, which helps you create a winning destination page. The behavior of your traffic is very important in sales conversion.


This is very specific and the data can help with your call to action models.



Keywords selection

Learning the tricks of the trade. What is best for you? There are three types of keywords namely, the branded terms, the generic terms, and the product terms.


The branded terms drive more volume of qualified visitors to the website than the product term. The generic terms drive large volume of sales at a higher cost, because it usually performs with a large percentage of traffic and higher CPC prices.


The product terms hold value in relevance and high return. The characteristics of the product term are driving low volume traffic and low likelihood of higher conversion.


The best approach in driving qualified traffic and higher conversion is using the branded terms in your sales and marketing strategy. It is highly recommended that a large number of the search terms should be used to create a large impact of the search campaign.


The most viable step is expanding the list of your keywords before the campaign and see what works best using the Google Analytics tool. The branded terms should be used in multiple ways to increase the brand awareness and make a sale, such as using them in branding creatives and banners to continue the theme.


Look at how Apple does its SEO and brand marketing. You may be able to achieve this kind of success online by making little tweaks and highly associating the brand with the product.


The trick is to develop the industry language toward your brand terms and lead the search and the industry standard to your brand name. If you want to start a business, spend a lot of time thinking about the brand name and your branding strategy.


Brand and reputation management is very critical if you want your business to stay longer in competition. A good branding strategy definitely supports SEO for top SERPs positioning.


Branding can start with the name of your blog. The major benefit of visibility through branding is gaining attention. It goes with the saying that you have a better chance getting in the door with a product under a celebrity’s name rather than an unknown designer name. That is your hint.


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