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Jingle your SEO


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Are you having difficulty penetrating your target market? What is the most effective organic search engine optimization you should use to attract your target market?

When the odds are against you and you feel brain drained thinking and conceptualizing your marketing strategy, jingle it! Yeah as simple as that – jingle it.

Do you remember how Pepsi had penetrated their market before? Do you remember how Levis made its way to the Asian market? They made jingles.

It is much easy to remember a song than what you may see. Music is most effective than vision. You may be able to hear your jingle anywhere. People may dance to it, sing it and most of all buy the product when they sing your jingle. So tweak the lyrics and fine tune your jingle. It is free advertising if you hit it right.

Advertising with jingles

Organic search engine optimization does not revolve and evolve around text. It also includes video creation. Know when is the perfect timing to create a jingle and introduce your niche product using jingles. Make use of and other social media sites for video. Leverage over competition using the age old concept of jingles. Perform SEO using audio visual tools and resources. Don’t grumble over competition. Face it and excel using jingles.

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Create the music that would make people remember you. In creating a jingle, you need to have a very unique style targeted to your niche market, appropriate length, and type of performers. This could be a bit expensive but it is worth the try. Search a composer that could relate fully to the product or service you are trying to promote. The personal sense of melody, structure, harmony, and rhythm is important in getting the attention of your listeners.

Why jingle for SEO?

You may have notice that some people can’t just get a radio jingle out of their heads. You design a jingle that could make your business memorable. Great jingles transcend over time. Many people could still remember and sing to the tune of jingles that were introduced 30 or 20 years ago. They may be created in a simple way to avoid cost. You are able to create cost effective, highly effective, memorable jingle by even making it as a contest among music students.

Jingle is not dead for SEO. You can commission a music student to compose original musical statements and then attach it to your product. Jingle is a very powerful advertising force. However, you need to know the behaviour and preference of your market. What music could make them dance and remember your product? You are playing with psychology and emotions here. The music you like might be considered as noise by other people.

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