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Make Money Blogging By Creating SEO Rich Content


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If you are confused about how you can make money blogging, you might want to ask yourself this question. What is the relationship between an SEO rich content to your traffic volume? You can start by publishing content that are useful to your audience and then, see how your content is able to attract your desired traffic by monitoring the performance of the article using the Google Analytics. However, I would like to emphasize that the idea of just publishing useful information does not help much in any way to make money online, because you need to optimize your article with the appropriate long tail keywords so you can attract the less costly organic search engine traffic.


To generate traffic through search, it is best to conduct a keyword research before you start writing. As you see, from the first article until this article I have been writing in bold fonts my selected keyword phrase, which is “making money online”.


I have it designed this way because I want to attract a large volume of traffic for now. I haven’t taken care of this blog for many years and I am trying to edit and develop the content on here again based on my over ten years of blogging experience in such a way that a regular mom can easily understand how to find herself blogging in the cyber world.


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You can make money driving traffic to your website, advertise your blog, and become a paid blogger. Blog advertising can hook you with advertisers looking for people who can quickly and effectively reach an audience. Are you looking for a paid blog post? You can actually share and earn a post!


Writing an SEO rich content can help you build your traffic and your personal brand. Blogging requires building your network of alliance and tribe online. Earn from sponsored posts later when you made some kind of a name in the blogging world.


SEO for top SERPS positioning may need you to review and perform keyword research, keyword optimization, content organization, and content promotion. It is important that besides these search engine optimization efforts, you have to offer added value above and beyond it.


Without the keywords, your target audience might not be able to find you amidst the noise and crowded internet world. Please do not create content in a haphazard manner, because blogging and getting found in the internet would mean committing to a more methodical, well-thought content strategy.



How to develop an SEO content strategy?

Define your goals. Are you building a website just for Adsense or are you looking to drive sales through your blog? Your objectives for your blog will determine the type of content you should focus on your website.


Informative product pages optimized for both search and conversions can help you improve your sales. A helpful, relevant blog content that is not entirely self-promotional can attract new readers through search. If you focus on rich, sticky content, you can keep the visitors on your site longer as well as encourage them to return.


Consider developing a persona or a character that can represent an ideal picture of you. Then think about the like-minded personas you are trying to attract and what they are looking for. Once you have an idea of what your personality would be and who you are targeting and why you are targeting them, you can plan your content.



Content is money

Don’t you know that people are very hungry for information? You can feed them through your blog and at the same time, increase your traffic and onsite visitor conversion. Where do you think Google got the idea that content is king? You do not need to plan too far out in advance.


If you are doing blog advertising, you may write articles expressing an opinion or an issue a customer may be experiencing about the product of a competitor. If that is too bold and completed for a first time blog, it would be easier to just provide relevant information about the product you are trying to promote and sell.




Build your personal brand

Don’t you know that most customers are very keen on authority? Why do you think consumers read product reviews before they buy nowadays? To become a recognized expert, you need to build your own brand and authority around your topic.


In a lot of ways, blogs help build authority, which is highly beneficial to your branding campaigns. The idea of introducing yourself as an expert in your field is highly recommended by Google. An example is promoting the keyword phrase, “Shirley Bongbong Virtual Assistant Philippines”.


You are able to attract credible people in your network when you are branded as an expert of your field. This strategy ensures long term success. Being an authority is truly the most realistic way to establish yourself in the general public.



Brand through storytelling

Do you want to know the simplest trick to brand yourself and establish your authority? Get ahead with your imagination and do a simple storytelling. Storytelling definitely can make you memorable.



Social media signals

Blog advertising and social media in addition to press releases are a good way to seal your brand presence and authority. SEO would be a much easier task when you are well-recognized in your field. Here are simple rules to follow


  • Know your services and niche product well


  • Identify and determine your target market for your niche product


  • Create a master media plan using an Excel Spreadsheet of the websites your niche target market used to hang out



SEO may sound different, but their activities need to be coordinated with personal brand building. This is the fastest way to make a remarkable you! SEO keywords + useful content + brand = make money blogging.


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