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Keep your traffic coming – improve the quality of your ezine article writing style and content


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Keep your traffic coming and those spiders crawling. Consolidate blogs and forums on your main site. Google spiders need fresh content and there’s no other way to generate fresh unique content than posting replies to forum and posting articles at your blogsite.

One option is to hire a virtual assistant and a blogger who can do the research and the writing tasks for you. You may be able to generate new ideas out of normal conversations and observations too. When you hit an inspiration, creativity knows no limit!

So learn how to motivate and inspire your VAs including yourself and be on the edge over competitors. Your strength lies on your employees. Push them well… push them good… and keep those minds running.

Train your SEO staff and maintain a healthy happy friendly relationship

You should begin to earn money online as well as begin to build a lasting fruitful relationship with your virtual assistant. Let your content ideas flow and ignite the creativity of your virtual assistant. You could make VAs write or teach them how to motivate people to read and follow your links from social media sites discussions. Optimize your website and optimize your relationships. You can place your website in a very strategic position if your VA is happy working for you.

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Technical stuff is not that difficult. Search out videos and pay the time that it would take them to learn your stuff. Build your business around creativity and relationships. Keep your URLs simple and short. So your virtual assistant can write more on Facebook and Twitter. Deciding to hire an SEO consultant and a virtual assistant is an edge over competition that you need to take care and nurture. Nurturing relationships would also prevent damage on your site’s reputation.

What to teach your virtual assistant?

SEO can potentially improve your internet presence. Save time and delegate the SEO backlinking tasks to your VA. Keep in mind that an individual working for your SEO should know how to review, manage, and organize the website content and structure. Develop business campaigns and perform keyword research. A little knowledge about specific markets and geographies is also important. Here are some tips on what to do at first stage of training

  • Content optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Market trends research
  • Advertising campaign management
  • Facebook discussion manipulation
  • Twitter discussion catchy statements
  • Google adwords tool

Let the person learn more about webmaster tools and get familiar on how search engines robots work. A site redesign might be needed and a great extensive work on your content. Make sure you hire a full time dedicated person to improve your existing site.

Message Shirley Bongbong Virtual Assistant Philippines in Twitter @ShirleyBongbong or email researchwrites at gmail dot com if you need an Arm Extension for Admin, Social Media or content writing.