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Key deliverables to effectiveness: Are you effective as an executive?


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Key deliverables to effectiveness: outsourcing your tasks to a virtual assistant

Do you find yourself getting caught up in the traffic of your present tasks and your upcoming work load? Just give it up. Know that outsourcing has been going around in the net for sometime and there are several tools that you can use to be more precise and effective with them. There is no use doing it all for you on your own.

Find out what your money can buy and leverage the service that you can find online. Outsourcing has been helping a lot of business entrepreneurs complete their task 24/7. Why is this so? Because of your different time zones, when you are done and are ready to go to sleep, your admin virtual assistant wakes up and continuse to work for you. The question is: How much of what you have been doing could be outsourced and could be performed by your virtual admin virtual assistant?

This is rather a quick decision making process of how much, how long and what extension of yourselves are you able to share with your admin. If you have given it a thought then call me because I am a Virtual Assistant who loves to help you when you get to define your goals ha ha. Identifying the task and that part of you that you want to share is crucial to making the virtual employee work.

Allow yourself some time to be nonserious in generating time. Allocate your personal resources effectively and find some time to spend on your own to distress and for health. Nurture your relationship with your virtual assistant and be fascinated by how teamwork could bring your business more profits. When you decide to break down walls and boundaries that would be the time you will realize how important it is to build a good relationship with your admin.

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What are your key deliverables? What are the key deliverables of your admin? Take back your time and a bit of your life by identifying your key deliverables as well as the key deliverables of your admin. Let your admin turn around things to work for you and your business. Give your virtual assistant some time and space to work on the things that you need to accomplish. Do not be a clock monster who is always pinging or instant messaging your Va just to check if she is there. Learn to let go of those thoughts and create a smooth work relationship. Your reward would be more time and sanity in the least cost.

Message Shirley Bongbong Virtual Assistant Philippines in Twitter @ShirleyBongbong or email researchwrites at gmail dot com if you need an Arm Extension for Admin, Social Media or content writing.