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Keyword optimization for higher website ranking and response from organic traffic


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The basic goal of keyword optimization is to choose your search keywords that you perceived would effectively reach your target niche market. Support your keyword selection with some keyword statistics and keyword analysis for more efficient response in your organic search engine optimization. The idea is to translate your goal into measurable action based on cost and value. Create a competitive campaign by increasing the value of your online actions. Get some direction and read more about keyword optimization. This is the secret to becoming a billionaire!

Keyword selection and keyword analysis

Here we have Google External Keyword Tool or Adwords summary of keyword matching options

Broad. This matches with the same words in any order. This might show variations in singular and plural form, in synonyms, and other related terms.

Phrase. This matches with the same words in exact order with other terms before or after the exact words.

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Exact. This matches queries with the same words in exact order without any other words before or after the exact words.

Negative. This excludes queries containing the exact words. This could be used with broad, exact, and phrase matches.

Keyword research

The best way to begin your keyword research for keyword selection is to look through your site and identify your major themes. Generate a list of the different root terms. It is not profitable to bid or use top positions for highly competitive terms. You need to be strategic and creative with your list of search terms.


Evaluate the site of your competitor for root terms just to get an idea of how much effort, time, and money it will take you to compete on certain search keywords. Match your efforts with the efforts demonstrated by your competitors. Highly specialized bid term or search keywords sometimes need competitive tools or strategy such as the KEI or keyword effectiveness index, which shows search traffic among competing websites on specific search keywords. However, you need to understand that a search term not displayed among ads may require higher minimum bid, which could be the major reason it is not being taken by your competitors in Adwords.

Generate variations of your search keywords using the Google External Keyword Tool for your keyword research. Traffic estimates would provide calculations on how much more traffic you can expect from one keyword in relation to another keyword. If you come up with a keyword that shows zero occurrences in the database of a keyword tool, it is still wise to use the search term. Sometimes, this type of search terms gets far more traffic. If you prefer to generate negative traffic, you can use this variation and add to your list of keywords. A healthy list would be a slight combination of negative keywords.

To get an idea of the queries that generate clicks from your ads, you may manually tag your URIs and leave off the utm_term parameter in your Google Analytics. This will show the search queries that generated clicks instead of Google’s auto tagging feature matched terms report.

Choose the appropriate search keywords for your website from search queries that generate more root terms. Remember, the technique is to watch for the root terms. Keyword research is the most difficult strenuous tasks in organic search engine optimization and website ranking. Later, you will find that only a few groups of search terms generate best traffic for potential conversions.

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