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Simple Keyword Research Tips To Help Your Prospects Find You


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keyword-researchKeywords have always been the core of our search life. For your SEO top SERPs positioning, you need to employ the best keyword research strategy to keep your PPC cost at a minimum while you try to optimize your traffic and click throughs. Consumers usually find themselves lost amidst the noise of information. The highly targeted long tail keywords would help them find your website.


Content is king, but keywords is the life of your SEO content marketing. You do not depend on the quality of your content alone to get found. Your business ROI entirely depends on how well you incorporate your keywords into your content. How can they find you?


The reality

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Internet users wanting to find a specific information normally do not even have any idea as to which website could best give the data they need. In most situations, a user would not know any specific URL address and would just use the search terms to look for the information they need. You must have realized by now that organic search engine optimization absolutely requires expertise in keyword optimization and keyword research.


What are the search terms and its relationship to finding you on the internet?

Search terms are the keywords. This is the most important part of your SEO top SERPs positioning strategy. Search engines can lead these users to your website by finding a match of the search terms they type with your meta tags keywords and description. Keyword research is crucial in your search engine optimization and heatmap positioning.


Before starting your SEO, you should create a list of competitive keywords you believe can make you move higher in the SERPs. In your website development, selection of categories, and selection of tags, you need these keywords. Typically, your keywords should bring you thousands of hits.


Improve your user experience using heatmaps

The use of an eye tracking software and heatmaps can reveal interesting insight about the strength of the keywords you used on the website. A sneak peak of the browsing patterns can reveal the relationship between your keywords and your visitors.


A heatmap analysis software can help you track digital customer experience and improve user interaction. It shows exactly where people are clicking on your website. It is an immediate visual summary of information about your visitor’s behavior. Do you even know how visitors behave on your website?



Bringing the right traffic for conversion

You need to bring the right traffic using your keywords to make a conversion. Take note of the auto suggestion that Google provides when you type a certain search term. The websites containing these words or phrases automatically appear in the SERPs. The most relevant sites will appear in the first 20 or 30 results.


Search information hierarchy

All information that you may find on the internet exists within hierarchies. To clarify this hierarchy principle, you may think of a cell phone as a subclass of the telephone. Telephone in the same manner is considered as a subclass of electronic communication devices. Hierarchies can easily follow the form of a tree like structure.



You need to learn how to stay focused on your topic. Place your post in the right categories. This strategy is very important as it affects indexing and site evaluation by the search engine robots. One advantage of categories is the site map. With the site map, you stand a better chance of being discovered by the internet users looking for your information or product.


Keyword research strategy

Keyword research is the art of finding and identifying specific keywords in order to create relevant search engine referrals. The keyword research applies to on page textual elements, directory listings, link composition, domain name selection, inbound links, and many other elements for SEO. The common questions that you may ask yourself are

  • What keywords to target?
  • Do you select from the most popular (broad) keywords?
  • Do you target the niche (narrow) keywords?



You need to perform SEO research to be able to select the best keywords for your website such as the business research, competitor analysis, keyword research, current state assessment, and trend analysis. Your main strategy plan would be based on your content and SEO, which consist of the content management, social media, link building, and SEM.

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