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How To Make Money Blogging?


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make money blogging find your voiceDo you want to make money blogging? The internet has always been the best marketing medium for highly searchable content. People look for information on the internet to find solutions to their problems. The blog is a brilliant way to publish your ideas, communicate with people, and earn from your content.


Blogs are also easier to set up and cheaper to maintain. More and more bloggers are finding writing a blog as a very profitable medium. You get good response from business entrepreneurs looking for article writers or simply bloggers. You can earn a few dollars from this hobby and a lot of dollars selling affiliate products online, only if you know how.


Blogging can be a full time money making scheme if you are consistent with your writing and are doing social media at the same time. Even the large corporations are encouraging their employees to blog and join the social media because there really is a good outcome from it.

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However, you should understand that blogging is not a quick rich money making scheme. You need to develop your blog, most especially the content, before you can make money blogging. You need to develop the look and feel of your blog, most especially the content, before you can make money blogging. High quality content is very important and you need to know how to curate content to make you blog stand out.


Content marketing

You can blog and market yourself as a content development writer. Your blog is your portfolio. Your blog is an opportunity for online writing work. It gives the advertisers and business entrepreneurs, who are looking for writers, the best possible way to find you. What is the best way to hire you as a writer? Isn’t it by reading at your blog posts?


Making money blogging takes time and a lot of hard work. It is not a get rich quick scheme. Each time I access my dashboard, I almost cry if I see my Google Adsense earn pennies only. I have read a lot of books and travel a distance with my efforts, but, if you do not know anything about organic search engine optimization and social media, you will never earn anything even if you have remarkable content.


The trick is exposure. You can earn more if you sell your own product or services. Selling and getting your own product can be done via white labeling or team partnership. Your blog is your brand. It helps you gain trust, exposure, loyalty, referrals, and authority. Blogging is a platform that can help you enhance your digital presence as well as build a trustworthy reputation.



Article writing and research

Spending time for research and writing your article is very important. You need to publish high quality, useful information so you gain wide readership. Do not just write because you need to write. There is no short cut and there is no way around this.


You need to spend time for a little research to come up with a good article before you start writing. To experience success, you must have a helpful, useful content. A high quality content may not be enough, but a useful content that can solve the problems of your readers is the best way to increase your website traffic. A high visitor traffic is needed to gain a good amount of clicks.


Social media and backlinks – Go connect!

After publishing your content, you need to disseminate your post URL to your social media channels. Establishing sincere relationships via social media is a good way to build a loyal audience. You can join forums and comment on other people’s works. Visit related blogs and leave a comment. Most comments also ask of your website URL, which in turn increases your backlinks.


By way of commenting and leaving your links on a variety of social media channels, you increase your exposure, intensify the degree of relationships you have with your online friends, and also, boost your traffic through your backlinks. Go spread the news and network with other bloggers and professionals. They might be able to help you or even hire you with your blogging career pursuit. Never underestimate the power of your connections. Here are some ways you can make money from your blog




Google Adsense

The Google company has provided you the simplest way to make money online and the best way on how to do it through their Blogger hosting. You can embed the Google Adsense code, even if you have a self-hosted WordPress blog. It doesn’t matter as long as you follow its terms and conditions, one of which is to strictly never click your Adsense!


If you have Adsense, the server will determine the topic of your post and displays the ad that is most relevant to your blog post. For example, if you blog about “Organic Search Engine Optimization”, then you will see ads related to website optimization next to your post. If you blog about healthy eating, then you see ads related to recipes or weight loss products next to your post.


Any clicks from your ad by your visitors would let you earn %amount of the click or impression you receive. The earnings largely depend on the advertisers bid. To earn well, you need to understand how to pick the right keywords for your kind of niche.


Affiliate marketing

You earn money by joining trusted affiliate networks, such as the Commission Junction, Share A Link, LinkShare, and many others. Depending on the offer of the advertiser, you get a portion of the sale each time a customer buys and pays the product or service being promoted on your blog. There is the CPM, CPC, CPA, and many more in the affiliate network.


Successful bloggers have been making money because they constantly explore ways on how to make money online. Having a multiple stream of income can add up in time. This is the key to making money online. The best way to sell is to let your blog grow organically first, then build a tribe, and take it from there.


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Link building

You can sell a post to entrepreneurs wanting to build links. Direct purchase is better than joining a site. Advertisers would ask you to write about a product, which is related to what they do and sell. An anchor text with a link is given so you may integrate and include in your content or post.


The anchor text is the keyword. The link is the URL you are going to place within the anchor text. Anybody clicking on the highlighted anchor text will be redirected to the URL page. This helps attract website traffic as well as boosts their search engine rankings.


Your post and the page to which you will be linking should be related in some ways. One of the strongest benefits in link building is the use of the anchor text, which comprised of your keywords. This gives a very good probability for higher page ranking. The anchor text should be a well targeted phrase.



Blog advertising

You write about the product or service for about 400 to 600 words and they pay you for the post. Depending on the rate of the advertiser, this could be a good source of money. Blog advertising is one way to build the internet presence. You would be lucky if the advertiser chooses to let you write about their company and products for a long time. Good income for you!


Some sites connect bloggers to advertisers, such as the Blogads, Smorty, Blogsvertise, and many others. You just need to do some research about these kinds of websites and sign up. A word of caution, some websites do not pay their publishers after you published your article on your blog.


Reputation building

The better content you have, the more chances you have in attracting customers and loyal readers. Continue to create high quality content to keep on building your audience. Reputation and trust building are two best things you can make out of blogging.


Today business entrepreneurs are creating their reputation online the way they create their brand. Creating a good reputation upholds your brand. With all the social media and commentaries anywhere, there has to be a way to properly address some issues or topics about the company.


Blogging delivers value. The comments are your social proof and also comprised a potential amount of information that prospective customers would want to read (word of mouth advertising) so they may learn more about your product and after sales service. Blogging proactively manages any company or person’s online and offline reputation.


The word of mouth is very important to enhance the reputation of any business. A happy customer can steer dozens of potential customers along your way. When you slightly exceed a customer’s expectation, you trigger word of mouth referrals.


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