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How To Make Money Blogging With Videos?


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make money blogging with youtubeThere are two ways you can make money blogging using videos. You can create the video and upload it first on YouTube and then embed the link of your video on your blog. Don’t you know that most people now want to watch more videos rather than read text? One best technique to make yourself, your writing, and your ideas clearly understood by your audience is to create a video. Also, the best way to get yourself found is by uploading your videos in YouTube.


Earn cash, reach your customers, and market your services or your products using the most popular video sharing site YouTube. We all know that videos serve as the one base stage in the customer engagement process, from awareness through trial and loyalty. There are three primary types of online video, namely the viral (awareness), conversion (initiation), and the education (loyalty).


The purpose of most video is to path the awareness of a targeted audience to loyalty. Some videos fail because they missed the opportunity to complement relationships with the audience. You need to become a YouTube Partner first before you start embedding videos on your blog, so you earn when someone watches your video and clicks on the ad being streamed on your video.

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Populate content and make money blogging

It is important to populate content where people already travel. You must realize that those internet marketers ahead of you have already studied and proven this technique. You do not have to experiment, though you may explore to make more conversion, for a technique that was already tried and tested by old, past masters in online marketing. Just follow what works for you and explore to make it work more for your site.


Having videos on your site help convert visitors into prospects and to even customers. You can increase the views of your video on YouTube by embedding the code on your blog. You can increase your blog’s traffic by explaining your article further with video. The strategy is very simple.


You can upload the video first on YouTube and then place the link within your article, to be more cost efficient in driving awareness. Try to create high quality videos with good information. If you feel you haven’t made a good video, then try again.


Practice makes perfect. Learn as you go. Uploading videos in a regular manner helps you hold an audience. Also, people are more likely to subscribe if you create good videos with good content on a regular schedule.



Content is king

Content is king – this is true! Be it text or video, you need to create a content with high quality information your audience may use. Build your audience. Be consistent with your topic. Be consistent in posting your content. This is the key in increasing your conversions.


There are other sites where you can upload your video, such as the Vimeo. Vimeo has the tools to help you make money doing what you want to do best. However, Vimeo has a very different way of allowing creators to monetize their videos.


Instead of placing an ad across the video, they allow members to put a tip jar. Once enabled, the viewers may click on the tip this video link and give from $0.99 to $500 to the video creator as a way of showing their appreciation. The payments are handled using Paypal or a credit card.


Tippers don’t even have to log in to Vimeo to tip. This unique money making concept has a lot of potential for viewers to seamlessly donate to a cause and of course, for the creators to build better quality videos and gain a steady income stream.



Earn money finding sponsors for your video

The videos are a great way to earn money. You can find a sponsor to pay you to create a video. Upload the video on YouTube and apply as a YouTube Partner. Embed the video code in your blog and earn from the traffic there. Simple strategy, simple life, simple ways to earn money online!


make money blogging using youtube


Video editing/making tools

You can try which is free and the cheapest in this list

  • Animoto
  • Touffee
  • WeVideo
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Camtasia
  • Stupeflix
  • Photo Peach
  • Powtoon
  • GoAnimate
  • One True Media
  • Jing
  • Moovly
  • Giffing Tool
  • Sparkol
  • Wideo


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