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Let Those Robots Crawl And Send You Money Back Using Simple SEO | Blog And Earn
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Let Those Robots Crawl And Send You Money Back Using Simple SEO


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high quality backlinksThe language of organic search engine optimization is very complicated. Actually, for beginners it is a language that is so difficult to understand, because it keeps on changing its algorithm for site indexing. The outcome? Yes, beginners get crazy and confuse. What should they do to increase website traffic, convert visitors, and earn?


Most people are not aware of the behavior of the robots and this is making them spend large sums of money for SEO top SERPs positioning. All they know is that they need to post articles on article submission sites and expect the sites to drive huge traffic. The outcome turned out to be very frustrating.


Website optimization involves the proper selection of keywords as anchor text for your URLs or links back to your site. You need to understand why you are optimizing the site and how the articles posted on social media sites and article submission directory sites could affect your traffic and sales.

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How do ezine article submission directory sites contribute to your SEO traffic?

It is a fact that these sites have large volume of traffic. Many people are accessing and reading articles on these sites for research and other academic or website optimization needs. The meaning of anchor text and attached links is to help the robots discover your website based from relevant content to which you had anchored your link.



This is the main reason you need to examine the site you plan to exchange links for backlinking. The robot automatically follows the link within the article and proceed to visit the website. This spidering process will help you get a higher rank, make the robots discover your site, and drive organic traffic to your website after the crawlers had indexed your site. Backlinks support SEO top SERPs positioning.


Follow the simple steps to efficiently build your backlinks

  • google friendly backlinksStudy the trends and behavior of your niche market
  • Identify the search terms or keywords they use to look for your services or product
  • Determine the local and global search volumes of the keywords, at least not below 500 and not over 5000 so you may rank in those keywords
  • Examine the keywords used by your competitors
  • Monitor the traffic of your competitors
  • Create your anchor text and use the keywords as your anchor text
  • Build links within your content using the appropriate anchor text, interlinking your post
  • Find relevant sites to publish your content with the right anchor text and keywords pointing back to your site to help increase your network of links and strengthen your authority on the topic


Backlinks are important in search engine optimization. They are the main building blocks of your SEO. Your inbound links highly affect your page ranking. The quality of your inbound links determines the quality of your content. The higher the relevance of inbound links, the higher would be the quality of your content.



Backlinks encourage visitors to visit your site. You need to help people find your website. You cannot just sit there doing nothing to direct the traffic. With a large amount of quality inbound links, you make your SEO job easier in the process. Good quality inbound links should be your first priority in your search engine optimization.

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