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Whether you are an acclaimed scientist or a denounced dumb ass, intelligent or not, you can make money blogging online. The blog is one crazy way to make money online in today’s economy. The key is to find a niche market that nobody else was looking at. Making money blogging online isn’t about technical ability. Like as I have said, I am not a technical person. I just learned everything from long research. Just identify a niche or market that you have the time and energy to go into and then, if you can, you create a barrier to entry and make sure you own the niche for years to come.


Success is a habit. Habits are learned. Whether you are dumb or just an average person, you can learn the right habits that may make you end up making more money than the most intelligent person you have known in the planet earth.


Smart people close their mind to learning. Because of their ego, they do not even expect dumb people can make money because they learned the right thing on the internet. Most of the time, these dumb people ended up making more money than smart people do.


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Assuming something won’t work is the dumbest attitude that smart people have and hoping something would work is the best positive alliance a dumb person can have in life.


I am not saying me and you are dumb believing you can actually make money blogging online. I would say we are the hopefuls who would want to work out something online that can generate a passive income later.



Blogging is business

Blogging can be your primary business tool to attract a large amount of traffic. Blogs give additional value to your business by actively reaching out to interested readers and consumers.


The information you published on the blog is often one of the reasons why your visitors return to your site. By publishing highly searchable content, you make them keep coming back to your site.


You can either maintain a text blog, a video blog, or a combination of both. The initial stages of setting a blog and the thought of maintaining it throughout its life can be tough. But who would not do it if it can give you a sizeable amount of income online.


Besides not knowing what you can potentially earn blogging online, maintaining a blog entails a lot of hard work and research time. To earn a cent, you have to create useful information and capture a specific niche market. The hard work is pretty scary.


If you can make yourself stay constantly motivated, then in the future, you might be the author or the owner of a blog that generates real money on the internet while you sleep. To make money blogging online, you have to create good content with a good website theme.



What are your model blogs?

Learn from corporate blogs or individual authors who had made their way through blogging online. Do not worry about the WordPress template. There are many free themes online or if you want, you can pay as low as $25 for one good theme.


What is important is that you find a niche and a good theme that can help you get started. To start with the inspiration part, you may want to see the Huffington Post, Mashable, Problogger, Copyblogger, Matt Cutts, and many more. Just find a blog that matches your niche, interest, and learn from them.


Learn from those who already are earning and had gotten much wealth blogging online. Experimenting on your own can cost you your whole life.


The thing is, you will find yourself following them anyway. So, better follow them now, learn how they made it to the top, and then, tweak their business models.


There are a dozen ways to create a passive revenue stream, such as using high paying keywords that would easily drive millions of visitors per month. Blogging is a very lucrative business.


For example, a travel blog complete with maps and videos or vlogs of your travelogue, can attract visitors who are interested in visiting the place you are blogging about. If you sell something on your website, then you would be getting a good income online.


The video blogs can capture what was not translated in your text. It definitely captures the experience and the look on your face a text blog cannot profoundly describe, especially some things being highlighted in the video. A good example is the video with a flowing waterfall compared to a panoramic snapshot of the waterfall. The video can do better in capturing the experience than the words describing it.



Fashion bloggers make a lot of money blogging

Fashion bloggers are making more money driving sales to luxury brands. By turning their personal hobbies into business, fashion bloggers drive traffic to fashion websites and simply make a living blogging about their products.


One of the platforms they used is the Instagram. Blogging is a form of self-expression. If you cannot express yourself well about fashion, then choose another niche you can easily communicate what you have in mind.


Blogging about your passion and interest is a brilliant idea to enter the world of writing. Setting up a blog can add credibility in the marketplace. Building a large, loyal audience is critical to your business.


The more quality content and useful information you publish, the more chances you have to be a successful blogger. Making money blogging actually depends on your content, how often you update your blog, and how effective you are in building rapport with your audience.



Success can be a long wait

Success does not come on your first post, but it may come after posting many articles on your blog. Writing at least one post would take hours of research, writing, editing, and a lot of hard work.


For most people, blogging is a joke. If you really want to improve your life, just take my advice and learn from those who were already on the top.


One of the smartest bloggers that I really like you to read is Brian Clark, who built the Copyblogger into a multimillion dollar business. Yaro Starak is another blogger you may find interesting. You have to start somewhere and hope you can start learning from the best of the crop.


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