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Making Money From Blogging And SEO Link Building


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make money blogYou can create a blog and drive traffic to your website using organic SEO top SERPs positioning. Making money from blogging and increasing website traffic using the best, innovative link building strategy is an awesome money making scheme. This isn’t a career, but it can definitely bring in dollars to the table. I consider blogging a hobby or a fad that comes and go.


The key is to deliver quality information and distribute your content using the organic search engine optimization. You can even start your own business using a simple blog. You just need to perform SEO top SERPs positioning and content marketing to gain larger readership.


Search engine optimization could affect your readership in a very significant manner. You get found by your audience using the appropriate keywords within your content. You cannot make money just by putting up a blog. You need to do more than just that. It is not an “if you build, they will come” mentality.

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Making a living through blogging

Writing highly searchable content is important in gaining high quality leads for your advertisers, in case you have applied and are a Google Publisher already. Meaningful anchor text and good quality inbound links can help achieve better page ranking in Google and on the other search engines. Established blogs with large audiences can make money from their traffic inventory and ads alone.



Algorithm and criteria of crawlers for website optimization

Search engines function and use both on page and off page factors. You need to be careful in choosing your long tail keywords and keyword density. There is a tendency you would be using too many keywords on a page and sometimes, they all look and sound like a spam content. Google is very keen on quality content. It is advisable that you maintain the quality of your published information.


The off page factors are mainly the network of links that you created or in some ways gained (example is from social media sharing) to drive the crawlers back to your website. Interlinking your posts do not count much anymore with the new algorithm, but it can help guide your readers visit another page that is related to the current page they are reading.


Each search engine has its own set of criteria and algorithm. It is a known fact that this criteria and algorithm also are being changed frequently to avoid abuse. It is a guarded secret you need to learn from history and having a variety of tests on your page. The Google Analytics can help analyze and shed light about your traffic so you can achieve more qualified leads. The key is to constantly develop your SEO strategy.


Analyzing target traffic search terms

The best way to increase your page rank and to drive large volumes of traffic, is to analyze the search terms being used by your target market. This is the main part of SEO. This may require a lot of time and effort to find and create a list of the right search terms.


All you need to do is to create a page you can use for your A/B testing. You need to perform a test to determine how well your blog is performing with the list of keywords you use and for website traffic analysis. Most SEO experts design and code a website based on many important factors.



You may want to focus first on Google and Yahoo crawlers as well as a very specific target market segment to give more direction on your website optimization strategy. A good plan can relatively support SEO top SERPs positioning in the long term.

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