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Making your admin work for you


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An effective executive or entrepreneur spends time to teach admin. That is rule number one. You don’t hire an admin and then let her wait when you are going to have time to train her. You are wasting considerable organization resources doing that. Clearly your admin functions by how you drive them. How you measure time, priority, and manage your admin virtual assistant schedule is a matter of your ability to make a large impact in the organization.

Never assume anything when training your admin. Ask and train. If you’ve never been a teacher before then just be a good friend and converse. That is one technique – conversations! Conversations matters a lot. It brings you closer to your admin virtual assistant and teaches you how to make your VA more effective.

Choose your conversations well. It should be more of a sharing of technical knowledge and sharing of current trends. Let your virtual assistant slowly grasp your business.

In every successful businessman is a great admin virtual assistant, remember that. Make your admin believe in you and your mission. Let your VA help you achieve your goals. Don’t separate efforts. Teamwork is crucial to achieving your goals.

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I need you to realize that you need to make your virtual assistant trust and believe in you to support you in your business endeavors. Va’s for a fact, are your support! How could you ever take a support apart from your business goals? If you mean to practice this and do not know how to start then begin with a casual conversation but don’t praise and nag. My God if you want to praise then praise but don’t follow it up with a nag or you will sound plastic!

Delegation of task

Focus on effectiveness and efficiency by taking things out and make more time becoming efficient. Let your admin do the paper works while you do the administrative task of marketing and planning. Let your admin manage your schedule while you prepare what to say to your next meeting. If you feel there is too much to do and that there is always work to be done and can’t leave out time to coach your admin then maybe it is high time you get to decide if you want to be effective or not. When you wake up and when you go to bed on same load of paper works on your desk then it is high time you stop and think over what is the role of your admin virtual assistant for you.

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